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Originally Posted by cargosales View Post
You're so right Arc,

I once had an idiot walking his kid across the active line of cables who objected to the vehicle that then came 'screaming towards them' (so we could remind him about the dangers and ensure their safety. And get them the hell off the field !!!!

His rationale? "Well my son's in his buggy so he's perfectly safe"

Perhaps it's time for cigarette pack style piccies on the warning signs round the airfield boundary?? A leg removed? A Landie which has been sliced up by a cable? Blood and nasties? Oh, no, that wouldn't be terribly pc would it and might terrify innocent people... Aarghhhhh...

Hmmm, you have to remember that you can't teach stupid..
At Halton one year, we had a Scout Camp on the airfield. It was apparent nobody had bothered to brief the scouts on use of the airfield because all day long on saturday (they had arrived friday pm) we were sending a landrover out to intercept motrobikes being ridden across the airfield and over the cables; once again they had no concept of the damage a steel cable can do.
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