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This whole thing about public access, signs warning people not to walk across the airfield when glider operations are in progress and frangible fencing to ensure the idiots can't do that has been going on at KY for donkey's years.. at least since the mid 80s / early 90s when I was on 615.

It's a nonsense, simply because some people can't be bothered to read or who think they are fireproof and that their bodies are immune to a steel cable travelling at x00 mph..

ISTR that a note saying "Give a winch an inch and it'll take a foot" was pinned in the cab of one at a site somewhere.

Because that's exactly what happened and the surgeon who reattached this person's foot wanted to come and see 'what the hell it was that had taken off someone's foot more cleanly that my scalpel can'.

Potentially dangerous, yes. But not if people heed the warnings and stay away from them..

Hmmm, obviously this is advanced rocket science
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