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Im not either Ellen. Im not even that close to a LH slot but it was nice to imagine that wed be moving further up the Airbus P2 list and gaining the benefit of better bidding power etc in the meantime. Now stagnation looms again after probably a tiny bit of movement next month whilst a load of guys get onto long haul ahead of those waiting patiently.

As a commuter even the most junior 747 P2 is enjoying rosters that are immeasurably better in terms of lifestyle than those enjoyed in the right hand seat of the Airbus. (Yes I know I choose to commute and Im aware of that, first world problems and all, but my argument still stands).

The argument that we all slot in ahead of these guys eventually once we move to LH is bogus too or at the very least only applicable for the younger guys. With those of us who are more advanced in years that time lost in the Airbus RHS is precious and also with seniority likely to be legally challenged (and probably successfully I might add) in years to come that only compounds the issue.

Sorry for venting but I fail to see the upside here. Ill calm down shortly and get on with life though.
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