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Originally Posted by Slarberg View Post

Then I think China is not for me now

Hna groups better to stay away

Juneyao not so good as expected

Spring Airline worst Airline in China in terms of salary and roster

I will see what about Hong Kong
Slarberg, maybe would be better to start from what you are looking for and put that on a priority sequence.
Put things in perspective, airlines here aren't absolutely "bad" or "great": they are all slightly different from each other so I think it is possible to find some that suits your needs. For example, I don't run a business but sometime I play the game of the small recruiter (only with people I know of, so fa): I suggested Juneyao to few friends of mine because, all in all, their needs where most suited from Juneyao, and here I talk globally, I mean I talk also about technical background. This is a job that a good agency should provide: advertisements,because there are more than 55 airlines out there.
Actually the recruiting process is becoming more time consuming, for some reasons I cannot discuss here, so my suggestions is that if you are willing to walk on the silk road then would be better that you start sooner than later.
Happy landings.
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