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Sure. A PPL in your case is a stepping stone to a CPL. The rules say that any ICAO PPL will do, therefore it makes sense to do an FAA PPL - especially if you are hour building in the States.

Yes, you can do an EASA PPL in the States, and many do. Probably because they think they have to...

A PPL in the US is 40 hours, one written and checkride. The licence is issued immediately, on the spot.

A PPL in Europe is 45 hours, 9 exams and a flight test THEN you have to do another 5 hours to fly at night. The licence is only issued once you have sent away your logbooks to the CAA. You cannot fly straight away (You can't hour build without a CFI signing you off - because you are still technically a student pilot - and you certainly can't carry passengers!)

Now for the IR: In Europe it is 55 hours, (40 sim and 15 multi) average price? 12,000
If you have an FAA IR, you can convert it in 15 hours for about 6,000
How much does an FAA IR cost? Well you're already renting the plane! - you only pay extra for the instructor and test, so $2000 will save you 6,000
The other option is CBIR: as long as you have 35 hours as PIC under IFR (which you will get hour building) - you only need to do 10 hours multi.
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