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"It may be the guy not the experience" could be equally valid here. That 5,000 hours turboprop captain should probably concentrate on putting the idea across that he will not be a '5,000 hour captain' (and hence a pain in the arse to the real captain sitting to the left of him) when sitting in the right seat of that jet job.

About the 200 hour kids going straight into those jet jobs, this is probably a double-pronged 'problem':
They will be cheap and they will be happy to stay cheap for quite a few years to come (as long as they can swan about in their uniforms and put 'Airline Pilot' on Farcebook, they will tolerate low pay for a lot longer than the more mature 5,000 hour ex-turboprop captain);
Many of those airlines that take these 200 hour kids are run by managers who themselves started as 200 hour kids.

The second 'problem' that I mentioned is not only a British problem as the Dutch, French and Germans have airlines that are equally as 'guilty'. Outside Europe, in North America and the Antipodes for example, there is a healthy GA sector and pilots grow up as 'real pilots' there before getting that airline job. I am sure that if a certain Major European Airline that has routes across the South Atlantic had its flights manned by that type of 'real pilot' then there would not be very lengthy Threads on here and other Forums (Fora?) about a certain incident there.

I also started watching that video and jumped forwards in big chunks to see if it improved. It didn't. I don't think that there is any risk that I'll ever fly with him but what does really worry me is that I might have him (and his likes) take me somewhere when I am SLF.
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