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Originally Posted by Trossie View Post
Anyone who slags off turbo-prop pilots is not a real pilot and doesn't deserve to be treated as such (just for clarification, I am not a turbo-prop pilot!).

Coming from the above mentioned school (Here comes the tearing to pieces), I would have jumped at the chance to fly a turboprop. Altough in my case I got a job in a jet, it absolutely wouldnt have mattered to me. And I still cannot seem to understand why some of the cadets from this same school despise turboprop flying. As long as you can make a normal living a job is a job if you ask me...

Oh and currently CTC is barely ''placing'' anyone anywhere. Easyjet is running at full capacity and people who finish now will have to wait a loooong time to get an interview, or start the TR...
I suppose CTC isn't amused about this since they pay Easyjet money so they take their cadets...

Edit: I believe KURA Aviation also got ties with Airlines like FlyBe etc. it's basically an MCC/JOC and after that they usually put you forward to an Airline pretty quick, that's what I've heard about them atleast. Maybe try looking there too?

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