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Originally Posted by FlipFlapFlop View Post
Sorry ChrisE, assumed you were not in the aviation industry from your original post. Are you saying now that your friend has been in a hold pool for 3 years following CTC qualification ?
Ah, sorry if my message came across that way. No I've been involved in aviation since 2010 and in the RHS since 2015. My friend was in the hold pool for 2 years with CTC, but unsurprisingly (despite claiming they have a seniority system when it came to expressing interest in job opportunities) he was told his place in the hold pool would be expunged after CTC basically admitted defeat in linking him with a partner airline (98% of cadets successfully placed according to the crap plastered all over the walls in Nursling).

He's since been applying relentlessly for any RHS position all over the globe, keeping current despite the obvious financial restrictions, and also gaining a SEP rating to try and fly enough hours with the spare cash he does eventually have to apply for Wizz or FlyDubai. He's trying to remain in the industry and create a network of contacts by doing various roles - currently cabin crew with BA.

I've tried my best to get him an interview with my employer, and it looked likely to happen until we outsourced all of our recruitment to a small training school in Crawley.

Once again, thanks to those guys who've made a genuine contribution to this post. As for the guys who love tearing shreds into CTC cadets, wouldn't you be better off browsing the 'Wannabes forums'?
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