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Sameer Aryan
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Hi Maverick,

I recently finished my training with DFAS. And I highly recommend you this place. I know the waiting time can be frustrating but believe me its worth it.

It is actually one of the best training schools available in Europe. All the instructors are very friendly, very professional and easily approachable. You can ask the same thing again n again if you dont understand and they will explain you as many times without any hesitation. They are very experienced and they know how to teach students but above that they are good people to learn from.

The accommodation is very beautiful and pleasant. and DA42 aircrafts are new and well maintained.

Also many schools dont care once you finished your training with them. But this people believe in maintaining relations with each n every student, which I am really happy about. After you leave if you have any problems with your licensing authorities (which normally is the case in UK and France) they will sort every thing out for you guys so that you can get your license asap.

Honestly you havent made any wrong choice by choosing them. So dont worry about the wait. Go for your training with peace of mind and best of luck for your training and have a good time in kalmar.

Hope that answer your query!
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