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Should charities return money from such events ?

To me-being a cynical they are only doing it out of political correctness and a fear of a tabloid headline. There is no moral reason to give the money back-it was charity event people paid huge amounts to attend a probably modest dinner -the girls weren't strippers (is that a word one can use today) and they certainly should not have been subject to unwarranted physical attention but have their been any complaints to the police (ever been to an old bill charity event !!!!!) Has anyone been arrested, was the money proceeds of crime, .

Sure a bit of an error of judgement on some peoples behalf but as long as women only events and venues exist why shouldnt mens events.i am not talking about things like golf club membership.

we do seem to be becoming a very prudish lot l, except of course when on holiday in foreign lands when its apparently perfectly ok to become disgustingly drunk , wear inappropriate clothing and get very 'engaged' with the opposite sex in public , even though the public might be a pleasant open space full of children in traditonally conservative and catholic countries .
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