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It’s not really about the girls. The whole point is to stick a whole load of Alpha males in a room and watch as they try to show they are top of the heap by outspending each other in the auction and how much better than they are at attracting younger fertile females. It goes back to the behaviour of the ape pack - and is exactly what is aimed for b6 those collecting for charity.

get them alone in their offices or with their families and they won’t behave the same way - and won’t donate anywhere near as much.

Yes, it’s puerile male chest thumping, that’s the point. It’s pointless getting hypocritical about it, it is - literally - the nature of the beast. And searching out and stopping all similar ego stroking charity events will only in the long run the recipients.

The charities in this case have handed back 500,000+ . Multiply that ten fold in the rest of this year alone.
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