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Capt Fathom - how wrong you are.

Employers ask for specific requirements for two reasons (IMO):

1/ Insurance requirements are very specific, and must be met, otherwise in case of accident or incident, there may be no insurance. No employer in this country and current litigatious environment will knowingly send out an employee and an expensive piece of company equipment without secure insurance coverage (particularly if there is a member of the general public on board).

2/ Training standards have fallen so far that the higher minimums are in a vain attempt to get someone with a bit of experience under their belt who have made some of the early, amateur mistakes, and (hopefully) lived and learned.

It's only flying an aircraft? If it is so simple, then why is it so hard to get someone to do it well?

StickWithTheTruth - watched the boss's blood pressure skyrocket the other day as some hopeful candidate told the CP that as the candidate had 70 hours PIC, of course that was close enough to the company minimum of 100 hours PIC...The candidate wanted to know why the remaining 30 hours couldn't be gained under ICUS?
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