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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
I'm pretty sure that prostitution is legal here, and probably always has been.

I don't know all the laws relating to it, but have a feeling that the most usual offence is "living from immoral earnings", which was a law intended to stop the operation of brothels, with the brothel madam taking a cut of the take and living from it.

Certainly there are areas where prostitutes can be found openly "plying for trade" in most cities. Residents often complain when girls are working in residential areas, but I have a feeling that all the police can do is ask the girls to move on, or go after kerb crawlers. I'm not sure what the law is regarding kerb crawlers, but the police seem to have enough power to be able to move them on.

Given that prostitution is never likely to go away, I agree that it would make a lot more sense to make brothels legal and regulated, if only on the grounds of the health and safety of the prostitutes themselves.
Where I used to live there was a well known road providing prostitution services. The local residents not engaged in it were pretty hacked off with the pretty relentless 24hr kerb crawling that went on and felt that it reduced the quality of their lives as they went about their normal business. The police would occasionally attend, pull over the kerb crawlers and ask what they were up to. They would invariably say that they were 'just passing through'.

Then the council permanently closed off one end of the road so that it was no longer possible to 'just pass through'. I believe its called a 'light bulb' moment - but perhaps hopefully not a 'red light bulb' moment!
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