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Hey guys,

I just received positive news that I can start at Ryanair later this year. Because this topic helped me a lot I thought I wanted to share my experiences, timeline and questions.

Applied: October 2017
Call: Half December 2017
Interview: Half January 2018

Overall the whole setting is quite personal and relaxed. A joke here and there, very friendly people.

Simulator Session
1st (PM): East Midlands TNT2N departure to 6000ft. Some normal turns, climbing and descending. Fly heading, point location on chart. DCT EME. Aft toilet smoke (DODAR/NITS), prepare for approach. ILS/DME RWY 27 at EMA. Landing.
2nd (PF): East Midlands to 2NM IEME left turn HDG 180 climb 5000ft. Some normal turns, climbing descending, accelerations and slowing down. DCT EME to join hold. Explain holding entry. Aft toilet smoke (DODAR/NITS). Fly outbound in holding over EME and then approach ILS/DME 27 (glideslope failure, continue on visual reference). Landing.

Technical questions
- What is decompression and how can you recognize a decompression?
- What are your actions as Cabin Attendant during a decompression? When are you allowed to help other passengers?
- To what altitude do we descent during an emergency descent? What if we fly near mountains?
- What do you need for thunderstorms to form? Name three things.
- Explain why thunderstorms can form and why these cloud types get so big.
- Would you fly through thunderstorms? Why not?
- What is a great circle and what is rhumb line? What is their difference? -
- When do we use great circles and when do we use rhumb lines? How do they loo like from a navigational point of view?
- What navigation systems does the Boeing 737 have?
- How does GPS work?
- How many seats does a Boeing 737 have?

- Introduce yourself.
- Why did I choose the job as Cabin Attendant? Did I like it?
- Have you had any problems with passengers? How did you cope with it?
- What’s the hardest decision you had to make last recently?
- What’s the biggest achievement in your life so far?
- Tell a weakness.
- If you would loose your medical, what is your back up plan?
- If this doesn’t turn out positive, what is your back up plan?
- When can you start the Type Rating?
- Can you pay for your Type Rating and how?

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