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Almost certainly yes. One possible reason (I'm guessing here) it hasn't sold there yet is because, with all that space, the Chinese are able to build huge airports far more easily than we can in Europe. More airports = more slots = A330 will do nicely, thank you. When they decide that buying bigger aircraft is cheaper than building yet another huge gleaming airport, they'll want them.

I'm fascinated by the power plays that are clearly going on, almost in public. Over the past few years Emirates has clearly been looking in the mirror asking itself, "What is it that we sell?". I think they've decided that, to a large extent, they're in the business of selling seats on A380s, and not just any old jet. Having decided that, keeping A380 production going becomes essential, even if that means ordering aircraft for which there isn't a clear use for just yet.

So let's consider the 777X. Emirates has the largest order for those too by a long way, and may find themselves in the same position with that (i.e. having to place an order otherwise the production line closes). So the big question could be, would Emirates prop up the 777X too? It's not going to be especially better than the old 777; 10 across is still going to be a fairly miserable experience. Somehow I can't see them being as enthusiastic, especially if they're already propping up A380. And if they're buying A380s that aren't immediately needed, will they still buy all of those 150 777x in the first place?
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