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Originally Posted by HeliHenri View Post
At the present time, there are more than 250 H225, EC332L2 and KAI Surion (all with the same MGB) flying every day around the world.
Playing Russian Roulette with 1000 chambers empty and only one loaded with a +P hollow point. Statistically quite safe, but the next flight could be the last.

To continue with this colorful analogy:
The rest of the industry is doing the same thing, but 1001 chambers were checked and empty before the game. Doesnít mean you canít drop the gun on your toe, or be hit in the head with it, or even have a bullet slipped in after the inspection. But itís not the same as pulling the trigger, knowing there is a loaded chamber.

AH have tightened the trigger, cleaned the grips, painted the muzzle orange, and checked some of the chambers..might have fixed it....this time.
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