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Originally Posted by Flying Bull View Post
@T&S - causes were found, rollerbearings from one Manufaktura were within limits but slightly different in shape and in both incidents within the gearbox.
These are withdrawn and no longer appoved.
Second was a rough handling (drop) of the gearbox recorded.
Gearboxtransport is now closely monitored and gearboxes, which suffer rough handling or i.e. a lightning strike are withdrawn from service.
Additional Checks to discover metal are brought in, the runtime of the gearboxes are reduced.
What else do you want?
A new gearbox design?
Nearly every helicopter has planetary and sun gears and therefore could have the same failure- where as in a 225 the fault was analysed and the risks reduced as far as possible.
With the rollerbearings now only permitted was no accident so far, with the ones withdrawn two.
Even with a high pressure behind getting the 225 airborne again, I‘m quite sure, that Airbus knows what will happen, if a similar accident happens again and won‘t take that risk...
You see, it is openly admitted no one knows why these gearboxes came apart.
If they knew it was one of these reasons, they would have fixed the ONE reason.

Basically for eg, AH are saying “we use two manufacturers of the gear, only one has failed, so maybe, that’s the issue.” (Allegations that the other manufacturers gear has been found with spalling, but none have actually failed have been reported on this forum, but not addressed. )

The first failure occurred in a gearbox that hadn’t had been reported as exposed any unusual shock. But that might have been the reason the second failed in an almost identical way. Where is the logic in this?

After the first failure of this design in the AS332L2, AH said similar things: “increased inspections might prevent further catastrophic, fatal failures”. They were proved, at great cost in human life, to be wrong that time.

Some of you guys are falling for a propaganda campaign of smoke, mirrors and a scattergun approach. Perhaps reading comprehension is an issue for some.

Stay safe my friends. (Avoid believing what proven liars tell you.)
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