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Originally Posted by Flying Bull View Post
Well, destiny will catch you, where ever you are....

With Helicopters, normaly the Crew will kill you...

Looking through the accidentreports you will find, that about 90 % of the accidents are Human failures.....

Airbus has done quite a lot to prevent further incidents/accidents involving gearboxes. Which is a pain in the a.., cause I have to fiddel with the gearbox mag plug on a daily basis, even without any warning and on a different helicoptertype, just because of the similaritys of the gearboxdesigns....

It is good to prevent risks, but you also need work/live and take risks, which you can think you can handle.

The 225 has flown for years over years without major problems and I would rather get a lift in an 225 before getting in any Robinson helicopter....
Destiny will catch you wherever you are!?!

I’m finding I’m perhaps not thinking like the majority of pilots.
I prefer to rely on facts and logic.
For eg:I’d rather follow the ECL than bleed a goat, in an emergency.

We all understand that flying Helicopters is not now, or ever going to be, risk free. The differences from what we usually accept, and the EC225 risk include:

-It is a known and demonstrated (unfortunately) fatal fault.

-Nothing the pilot can do, can predict, or mitigate it’s occurrence.

-If it occurs, no amount of skill or luck can prevent a terrifying last few seconds of life.

No one has claimed they know why two similar MRBs have failed in almost identical ways. Some things have been done that might make reoccurrence less likely. This is good enough for some people. Not good enough for me.

If you are flying an EC225, and are happy - good on you, and I wish you all the best. They are a great machine to fly.

I hope never to fly one again.

Viv le difference
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