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Well now Jones or can I call you Simon? Seems you are a bit bitter/don't think seniority should apply to someone of your greatness so you've taken to spreading not very accurate (in fact just plain wrong) information about one of the better operators out there and better operators and employers hiring help to keep pay and T and C's up for mere mortals like the rest of us.

Lots of different nationalities, many now occupying the left seat in accordance with seniority.

Current time to A330 about three years, maybe 7-8 for LHS A320.

Aer Lingus never hire direct entry Captains even sky gods like you, they have a seniority system which would be meaningless if they did hire DECs.

Stop posting embittered nonsense, you have been found out. Keep sniffing around FR and maybe MOL will let you work yourself to death there.
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