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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
One thing for sure...a third fatal crash due to loss of the rotor system and the 225 is as dead as all the people it killed.

The manufacturer, the operator , and the 225 will all go as a package.

The authorities being government will keep right on as nothing they will say it had nothing to do with them!
Totally agree. We know that the type of epicyclic now fitted to all the machines has never failed. So the (unspoken) conclusion seems to be either; the type used on the fatal accident flights had some undiagnosed design flaw or, the design was solid but subject to some form of undiagnosed externality which caused the accidents. So government has determined that the new regime of inspection and restriction will provide sufficient protection. If so I hope they are right. Of course, they may have access to information to support the decision that can't be in the public domain for legal reasons. That might make them less nervous than me.
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