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We are all aware that there are worse companies to work for than Ryanair, however those companies do not have the power to set the T&C across the industry like Ryanair does, so most people ignore them because it doesn't affect them.

Discouraging people from joining Ryanair does a lot more good for the long term than just set a "bad mood". How are the crew that are fighting for better T&C gonna succeed in their pursuit if people such as yourself are so eager to accept the crappy deal that Ryanair is giving out?

I know that most people join Ryanair to get some experience and then leave for airlines with better T&C but with the rate Ryanair is expanding how long do you think those airlines with better T&C are gonna be around for.

I am already seeing the legacy carriers lowering the T&C because they can't compete with the low cost carriers, imagine what's going to happen in few years when Ryanair will have more than 500 aircrafts.

I do not work for Ryanair and normally I shouldn't care what happens there because no one is forcing anybody to accept the Ryanair deal but I do care because I know that if the current situation continues, in few years my company would have to lower the T&C or go out of business so I am doing everything I can as an outsider to support the crew's fight for better T&C.
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