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What a delusional reply

Let's see some of the T&C of this "great" company:
- Bogus self-employed contracts. Some pilot's houses in German bases were raided by police because they were accused of tax evasion.
- No medical or any other type of insurance.
- Charging you around €4.50 (not sure the rate at the moment) per flight hour for the simulator.
- Salary below the industry average, admitted by MOL himself.
- No union recognition. I know they said they will recognise them but they said many things before and never happened so I wouldn't hold my breath.
- Charging you around €32 000 for the type rating plus other expenses which in reality will make it to 40k + until your first pay check.
- The CEO is a bully and hates the crew. Manages the company by intimidation.
- Many pilots are leaving, forcing the company to cancel a large number of flights.

I could go on and on...... feel free to add to the list.

But don't worry fredbbr as long as you are in the pointy end none of that matters
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