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If it rotated while sliding, then the explicit CAB statement that it slid tail first is wrong. I understand that no one wants to confront that, and perhaps if we ignore it long enough it will go away, but the puzzle remains nonetheless. Why did the CAB include extra incorrect information when they could have just ignored it? The simplest explanation, of course, is that they believed it.
The CAB made no statement other than it slid rearward for some hundreds of feet, I'm not looking up the figure quoted. It matters not what the aircraft did in its slide because its not pertinent. How the aircraft came to rest inverted is not pertinent, as much as you want to make an issue of it.
Leaving errors in the official report is not justified by the fact that it's an aspect no one cared much about
Current practise in any fatal accident is a toxicology report on the crew, whether they had ingested prescribed medication, over the counter medication, alcohol or illicit drugs, to see if they may have had an effect on the crews performance. Investigation is also made if they had adequate rest, and how much, prior to duty, and if they had any personal issues within their lives - pending divorce, death in the family, extremely sick children etc etc. This report is silent on those issues, should I allege the CAB were slack in not addressing this important issue? Sloppy work?
Asking how a bogus scenario ended up in the official report is a legitimate question
The bogus scenario is only in your mind.
The ditch had nothing to do with the plane flipping over. If the plane had stubbed on the ditch and flipped, the plane would be at least one fuselage diameter past the ditch. Instead the plane is lying across the ditch.
You have absolutely no idea of what caused the aircraft to invert, and the only part lying over the ditch is the very forward section of the wing box, and only just at that. The aircraft is not lying across the ditch as you are so willing to incorrectly state. You have absolutely no idea of the aircrafts gyrations from the time it hit the embankment in a near vertical angle of bank to the point at which it came to rest.

At least one fuselage diameter past the ditch? Where in the world do you come up with such ridiculous statements? You have absolutely no idea of what caused the aircraft to invert, nor how the kinetic energy was dissipated in order for the aircraft to end where it did.
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