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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
A letter in today's Times gives the cost of a season ticket between Birmingham and London Euston at 10,567. While this may sound excessive, it works out at 0.22p a mile, a fraction of the cost of going by car before you even begin to factor in parking fees and the congestion charge.
Why should the taxpayer subsidise someone else's lifestyle choice?.
Siti old boy !

A wonderful piece of understatement there then.....10.5k doesn't merely sound excessive....it is excessive ! It is, and can be I assure you, considerably cheaper to escape from either of the two great Blots on the British landscape.....which is more polite than describing them as ( rude word ) holes.

That, and you have to love that other JB favourite, semantics, this time not with the usual English language but with maths. Quite how the 0.22p per mile is arrived at would be interesting to learn. There's always that inconvenient word "variables " to take into consideration....

Thus a detailed cost breakdown as to how this figure has been calculated would be interesting to read.....over to thee in this respect then.

But, when it comes to subsidising lifestyles, who better to be subsidised than the deserving poor, those whose life would to torn asunder if their meagre sources of income were removed.....

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