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The usual moan. Those earning more than the national average in the south-east and having made the most of property prices want the tax-payers in the rest of the country to subsidise their travel costs.

I have, over the decades, watched this cycle repeat several times. Those living the cities look at relative house prices and sell up, moving to the country side for a more rural lifestyle whilst pocketing a large sum of money whilst starting commuting to work. Supply being strained by demand the price of commuting goes up - which triggers vocal complaints about the costs involved.

To put it context, the Times had an article during the last week looking at house prices in the 10 most popular commuting areas around London as more people do as I say above. In Brighton, For example, house value has, on average, increased by about 25-35K.

Meanwhile those who do not commute earn far less and are being priced out of Brighton to other areas along the coast outside range of the London rail line. A syndrome known as “London prices and south coast wages”.


....”The Halifax data for 2017 shows that the biggest house price increases in cash terms came in the London boroughs of Richmond upon Thames and Barnet, where rises of nearly 8 per cent translated to an extra 45,463 and 41,697, respectively. The east London borough of Newham had the fastest rising property prices in the capital, up more than 10 per cent to an average of 402,781.

Other top risers included Brighton (11.4 per cent) and Crawley, West Sussex (just over 10 per cent).”.....

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