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B7E7 theres the interesting thing YES you do get all the things you mention except the share save scheme.

Except Ryanair give it as an allowance of 6000 pa gross to pay for those things with. So after tax about 4000 ish.

Just because they are not handed to you on a plate doesn't mean its not given just in a different way.

You may not agree with the method or the delivery but its not true to say those things are not provided for.

And if you add up the numbers its not far off.

Medical @300pa
LoL @1800pa
BUPA @1800pa
Uniform @300pa?

So lets say just over 4000 ish.

If the union can get all this and I still keep my 6k then I am all for it and Im off to Vegas. Hmmm lets see red or black?

As for pension the EZY pension last time I looked was 7% so 8000 contribution from Ryanair if we benchmark Easy would be equivalent of 115k basic at the above 7%.

Again yes I would love it to be in the 10% to 18% bracket but those numbers I think you would struggle anywhere as a new start.
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