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Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

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Old 28th Jan 2009, 22:01   #1 (permalink)
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Captain John Rose RIP

News has just reached me that a dear friend and colleague John Rose passed away last August after a long illness.

John had a long and fascinating career. He flew Meteors with RAF, Dakota and Viscount aircraft with Aden Airways from 1958 until the airline closed down in 1967. Then Dakota, Herald, BAC1-11 and MD83 with British Island Airways finishing with British World on the BAC 1-11.

John clocked up over 10,000 hours on the Dak.

Those of us that knew John will remember an exceptionally capable pilot, a kind and generous man, a formidable crossword solver and an awesome beer drinker.
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I had the pleasure of working with John in the 80s at BIA. A true gentleman, a real professional. My deepest condolences.

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Great guy, my GF (BIA CC) had a crush on John as well as one of our skippers
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It was my pleasure to fly on the BIA Herald as John's F/O in the very early 70s. He was amazingly quick at getting to a pub or bar for 'last orders' post flight. My(then) skinny frame could barely keep up with his beer consumption!

A real gentleman hopefully now standing at a heavenly bar somewhere doing what he enjoyed.

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The Duke of Rich in GCI & SPL Hilton
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John Rose

I used to work in BIA ops way back in 1982/83.

I remember John very well. He Bill Potter & others taught me how to drink!!! Some nights how I got back to Tunbridge Wells is a complete

I have log books that used to belong to a Court Line pilot and he and John
as F/O used to fly Daks for Aden Airways.

Now at the ripe old age of 51 I look back on the short time I spent with BIA with tears in my eyes. I cannot believe it is so long ago.

I used to work with Tom Fairbrass in route planning along with Graham Jackson. Graham knew me from Fairflight days ( at Biggin Hill) and helped
me to get into BIA. I remember asking P.V. to help me pay/sponsor me for my for performance A.

Where are all you 1-11 guys and girls????

I do not often view this site but I did search the web for a possible BIA
website. I was surprised that no one had set one up.

I am still very much in touch with Bill Potter and Mark Curtis (from ops).

Where are you all???

Gordon Pragnell

John G - ops manager

Jackie - ops

Chris Cureton

Robin Gulliver

Linda Skillicorn - and a host of other super ladies. The nicest set of
cabin crew out of Gatwick.

I will have to get my photo album out of the attic and other names will
come to mind.

You can contact me via www.whiteroseaviation.co.uk

I will now have a large malt for John....

Good Luck to you all - Happy Days.
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Old 1st Feb 2009, 12:26   #7 (permalink)
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Angel John Rose / BIA

Last Evening I sank a few to Johns memory.

After leaving BIA in 1983 it is very hard to remember everyone.

I have put pen to paper so here goes. I hope people will add to it.

Ian (?) Dave Childs Mark Curtis Bernie (?) Jackie (Drury) John G (Ops).

Norman Glover Graham Jackson Chris Cureton Robin Gulliver Gordon Pragnell Bill Potter Mike Harris Dick Seabourne Chris Boyle Keith Broughton
Alan Turner Hamish McClardy Colin Whatley Graham Mexham Roy Heath
John Morris Miles Stapleton Mike Lewis John Price Martin (?) - used to come to work on a moped Ian (?) Baxter John Hackett ( Morning old chap - wheres my weather!!! / makes you want to cry!!!) Geoff Hyam.

Linda Skillicorn Selena Langtry-White Pauline Rostrom Mary Ellen Bev
Tunbridge Sue Cassar Jan Merrett Liz Lewis Val (nee Partridge) - I
met up with her 5 years ago at my wifes 50th.

A lovely bunch of ladies too much for a lad of 24/25......I apologise for the
scant listing see below. Going to work at BIA was like party night every night!!!! I think enough time has passed to confess to having a very sexy
cabin crew member sitting on my knee behind John Hacketts desk - I still
have the photograph in my BIA album but I am NOT going to divulge the name of the lady in question

After nearly 26 years it is hard to remember everyone. I can certainly close my eyes and recall many many faces who I just cannot put names to.

I am sure there are people out there who can add to the list

Happy Days!!!
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Capt John Rose RIP

My little grey cells have been working overtime!!!

Alan Tyler (not Alan Turner).

John Pothecary / Martin Cass / Ed Johnson (lovely Irish guy) Peter Bates
(Ex Dan Air) / Nicky Clarke / Jan Cuthill / (?) Purvis / Nick Probin (Ops)
Richard (?)then 1-11 F/O - Had a brick thrown through his window by some distraught Dan Air pilot.....Had a lovely pair of matching english shotguns... obviously fondling another fine pair of .....Tom Ewart / (?) Erskine (Engineering)

I remember having the odd drink down at the local British Legion Club with
the storeman - I think his name was Vic. Lovely man.

It has been a very long time. Again I am surprised that no one has
set up a website. BCAL Dan etc have. I was only with BIA for 6 months or so and before anyone suggests that I do I think that there are others out there far more qualified than I.

I was just a seasonal temp!!!

If Dick Seabourne is watching Bill & Jenny send you their regards.

They were very sorry to hear about John.

Well I am on Chateau Thames Embankment tonight
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Capt John Rose

My mind has been working overtime!!!

A few more names.

Dave Osgood / Peter Bissel / Linda Bond / John Armitage (ex Laker)
Cammie Vors / Jack Cuthrew / Sylvia Wright / Sue Wigham (Brians daughter) / John Cook / Heather Knight / Dave Browning / John (Stores)
Jackie Aitken / Graham Russell

A few more beers might come up with a few more names

It would be nice to have a little help from you people out there....
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Smile Lynda Skillicorn (skilly)

I have just joined this website and I used to be cabin crew with BIA, if anyone is reading this now who thinks they would remember me because i would love to get in contact with all the old crew please email me So sad to hear about John Rose what a gentleman. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Colin Whateley was and probably still is in Virgin Atlantic.
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Old 12th Apr 2009, 09:14   #12 (permalink)
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Hi Lynda

I certainly remember you!!!!

After all these years I can confess to having a crush on you and Jan Meritt I even remember the name of the cat you used to have - Cosworth....

I am celebrating 25 years of marriage in August. Have one daughter of 20 at University - costing dad a fortune....

I am still in contact with Bill Potter and Mark Curtis (Ops).

I hope everything is OK with you.

Best Wishes.
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great to get your message but dont know who i am talking to,had a giggle to myself you remembering my cats name lol.I went back to my roots as a nurse after lreaving Intereuropean airways in 1990 .my daughter is doing her a levels at present.I am a staff nurse in a very busy surgical ward far from the days of BIA .What brill days sad we all seem to have lost touch would be fantastic to have big reunion.I have sadly now only got photos as memories.hope we keep in touch and maybe a few more people will join the site . Lynda x
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Very sad to hear about John. A true gentleman with a surprising capacity for beer.
Some more names from that era who I would be interested to know about:
Charlie Moss, Keith Milligan, Roger Packwood, Ian McFarlane, Harry Whittaker, Dudley Scorgie, Jo Retchka, Ian Rankin, Jerry Hu, Spencer Allan, Allan Spencer, Ian Gardiner, Richard Arwas, Jackie Ball, Janet Barthorpe, Maggie Joyce, Dotti Buchan, Maggie Sixsmith, Mike Odell, Tim Ewart, Debbie Lebaile, Ian Wilson

Apologies if some of the spellings are not quite right.....after all, memory does fade somewhat!!!!
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Hi Lynda

I was a young ops dogsbody for a summer season.

Everyday was like a party. BIA was certainly the most enjoyable time of my life.

Great fun - then I started a couple of aviation businesses - I could never work for other people - I am totally unemployable. I don't do too badly.

My wife is a qualified nurse both general and dental. She specialised in intensive care and special baby care. You lot deserve a medal and a
big payrise.

32 years since I did my A levels.....good luck to your daughter.

Best Wishes.
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Bia Blk

I was sorry to read of the passing of John Rose - a lovely man.

It's almost 30 years to the day that I started with BIA in BLK Operations. On my first day, I was met by Jock Purden - now there is a name from the past! I worked in Ops for the best part of two years - the memories are still strong - the four HPR7's based there, working mostly through the IOM during the day and then operating for the mail and papers at night to Belfast and Lossiemouth.

I recall the crossover - BLK - BFS - LGW which enabled the Gatwick based aircraft to route to BLK for their C and P Checks. The LGW crew names I can remember were Geoff Woodhill, Paul Smith, Dave Hill, Gerry Hu, Mike Odell and David Mills.

Of the BLK folk - I can recall a number - Johnny Devlin ( who can forget him !! ), John Woodhouse, Alan Quinton, Jim Fraser, Sid Blakemore, Eric Skemp, Mac Mackenzie, John Sutcliffe, Doug Leighton, Peter Guest, Ken Edmondson, Bill Tillotson and Ted Franks. As for the girls I can recall Maggie Sixsmith, Janet Catton, Dot Brown, Angie Marr, Jenny Lomas, Val Jackson and Gill Sutherland.

On the Engineering side I remember Nobby Hall, Billy Kinvig and Paddy O'Kane. In Ops of course there was Tim Johnston and Ken ???? Sorry if I have missed anyone out - the faces are there but I just cant get the names!! ( old age has no attraction!! )

We had some great times although I will never forget the 2 x 12 hour day shifts and 2 x 12 hour night shifts!!

Where have the years gone??

Regards to all.

20/20 Hindsight!
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Sadly, Eric Skemp passed away about ten years ago. First class man.
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bia memories

need to dig out the photos to recall some more names,Libby oates was my manager.Favourite captain has got to be dick seabourne such fun. Did anyone remember our nightstops in Djoubiti , come on girls were are you all , know this is a site mainly for pilots and op crew but somone must have run off with a pilot x
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Ah! Jan Merrett! (sp?)

In the days of the real BIA, the day started off with two Heralds departing LGW in the middle of the night loaded with newspapers for the Channel Islands - one for GCI and one for JER - timed to arrive as these airfields opened.

One morning we hadn't got as far as Selsey (we didn't use airways in those days - straight line from LGW to the CIs) when London 'Information' called us to call 'Company'.

John Rose was half way through his DT crossword - no pen, he did it in his head! - when 'Company' (Tom Nightingale, Roger Packwood (both of whom I met in the Gulf some years later) or was it John Gregorzjecj who ran a pub later somewhere near Chichester))(sp again!), Mike ? or Bob Derham called and invited us to 'go down the back' and pull out a 'Sun' from the 5 tonnes of newspapers and inspect Page Three.

This was the early days of 'page three' as we know it now. There, looking radiant, and with two good points in her favour, was Jan Merrett in all her glory, looking splendid!

Ah, those were the days! What about the 'Prince of Darkness' (Rankin)? or maybe not.

Great memories of nightstops in BLK and alcoholic nights in the ANT Club. Good Angie Marr was mentioned - what happened to her?

Anyone remember the BINILIB, BIBIBIB, or KGEGSGK, or the many cancelled KTKTKTKs? Or the night KUKs and KDHKs? Or the Prince of Darkness' famous 'half sectors' from BLK - IOM and GCI-JER?
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names ?

does anyone remember a captain keith ? not keith broughton. anyone got any photos between 1979 and 1987 love to see them
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