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Qatar Airways Job Application Help

Guys/Gals hello!

New to this forum so if I'm posting this to the wrong place just you know . I'm about to submit my application for Qatar Airways first officer employment. I'm A320 rated flying in the line nearly 1.5 years and have over 1000hrs in the type. What advices do you have about this airway? I've heard about buying the company's assesment questions and studying them though I have no idea where should I purchase it. What is the flow like after submiting the online application? What are the company standards like in decipline wise? How likely they upgrade to wide body's? What is the min requirements for becoming a captain? What is the f/o salary around? How is it to live in Doha? If I'm gonna make a move should I wait abit more to get the Emirates requirements as they ask for at least 2000 hrs.

Thank you in prior for your posts
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Sure you will get plenty of advice on this.
Bottom line, if you can wait for Emirates then do so.
Doha is not for everyone and is far more restrictive than Dubai.
You will always be a foreigner and a second class citizen in Qatar.
At end of bond you may be offered LH fleet - for a bond extension. I was and did to 340.
Command - possible in 5 years but they will have to love you and it will be 320 so lots of India trips.
And don't forget your hat or you are out.
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Hi mate, welcome to PPRuNe, there's a thread about QR in the middle east forum already.
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100 percent wait and go to Emirates! Once you work for QR you are banned from moving to EK or EY, so think carfully. I worked for them for 3 years and have very little positive to say, if you are desperate then go for it but if you have a good job that you enjoy in your home country then think twice!
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Once you work for QR you are banned from moving to EK or EY
Off topic, but how does this work? Does QR include it in the employment contract? Do EK/EY never take on ex-QR pilots? Combination?

Just curious. I am not in a position where I feel I need to look at ME3 carriers so I know very little of the dynamics between them.
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There is a no poaching agreement. May not be entirely legal but that makes no difference in this part of the world.

I didn't have kids when I was there and my wife got a job. Money is good but then it has to be as the place is pretty dire. I saw things that will linger for the rest of my life. I would never take my children there.
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The "magic words" are "non poaching agreement"
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