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Old 23rd Jan 2013, 10:04   #1 (permalink)
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FlyBe axing jobs

Embattled Flybe to axe 300 jobs in UK - Telegraph
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Old 24th Jan 2013, 17:16   #2 (permalink)
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Thumbs down

Head count is 88 Pilots and 44 Cabin Crew to lose jobs. Bases and dates not decided.

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Old 25th Jan 2013, 09:52   #3 (permalink)
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...oh yes RJ, don't let's bother to mention the underlings, almost 100 engineers. But there again, who needs engineers anyway eh?
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 10:03   #4 (permalink)
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As an ex engineer I agree with your sentiments. Loosing ones job can be devastating for anyone and some pilots only consider there own position as I guess as some engineers may?
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 10:38   #5 (permalink)
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Ouch. I honestly thought the majority of the 300 would be middle management/hr types that could easily
Move into another industry. Seemingly the vast majority will be front line staff. Bad times indeed.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 11:47   #6 (permalink)
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Mike Rutter has been seen on TV saying, very earnestly but without much conviction, that management would share the pain equally. Ho, ho, ho.

Mind you, I would suggest that managers with no specific qualification, other than "experience" and perhaps a very common business qualification, will find it much more difficult to find a job than pilots and engineers who have a licensed skill to sell, so long as they are realistic about their value.

And that doesn't mean sell yourself dirt cheap! It simply means forget the line 'I got £xxxxxx with Flybe, so that's what I should get from any new job'.

Why do you think Flybe needs to shed staff? Because they cost too much.

If it's any consolation, Directors with share options are a lot poorer than they were some time ago. Not the breadline, of course, just not quite so wealthy.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 12:47   #7 (permalink)
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I think Flybe are hurting off the back of APD increases, you get clobbered twice on internal flights, its hardly staff costs that are causing the pain, they are not the best payers in the industry by a long way, just not enough bums on seats and the E jets are to big for many routes, even the Dash is too big on some routes these days. Sadly the cost that they can control is employee costs.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 13:49   #8 (permalink)
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What about those newer pilots at Flybe who were lured into the MPL scheme - might be well nigh impossible to move to another company.....
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 13:55   #9 (permalink)
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I'm really surprised to read that (according to figures quoted here) that 2/3rds of the redundancies are coming from crew and engineers.

I could have sworn that the original statement issued by flybe said that middle management and HR would bear the brunt. I'll have to re-read.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 14:06   #10 (permalink)
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The Chop!

eMACaRe Quote:- "What about those newer pilots at Flybe who were lured into the MPL scheme - might be well nigh impossible to move to another company....."

An interesting point. On the otherhand are the MPL "Wonders" the cheaper option and will it be the more long time (i.e. more expensive - and more experienced) pilots that lose their jobs? I guess that it depends upon the Ts & Cs of employment.

As for the MPL pilots having difficulty moving to another job, well, you get what you pay for. It is difficult enough getting a job with a"proper" licence.

Sad to see anybody lose their job, though.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 15:11   #11 (permalink)
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I'm not surprised. I live 15mins away from Exeter Airport and travel to Nice and return about twice a month. Flybe used to fly direct to Nice, Return, on a Friday and on a Monday as well as many other days in the summer, it was great I could fly down on Monday and back on Friday, if on Business, then down on Friday and back on Monday for pleasure. It was always about 3/4 to full all the time, and cost about £200 a time, return, but they stopped it last year and you now have to fly via Paris so £560 return. I now drive to Bristol which is 1 hr 15mins away and use EasyJet, and even paying for all the extras etc etc and my fuel in the car it less than £200 return. APD is the same!! FlyBe have bad management and bad destination schedules, its all their own fault. WAKE UP.....!!!!
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 16:46   #12 (permalink)
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So much for the " robust business model" which "positions the airline to take advantage of the up-turn" ! Not much use if the company folds in the meantime. They want to look at the pricing structure, because the longer people find money tight, the more it`s all about ticket price. Not making flying better is it?
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 18:13   #13 (permalink)
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I feel for the MPL guys who are currently in training. As they don't even have a valid license until they have completed their line check. Unbelievable.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 18:36   #14 (permalink)
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Used to work with Rutter in a previous life flogging performance plastics...

Newcastle to CDG 14th March 2013 one way Flybe £467.

Leeds Bradford to CDG 14th March one way Jet 2 £36.50.

I realise NCL is a code share. But come on...you are either low cost or you are not!


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Old 25th Jan 2013, 19:46   #15 (permalink)
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Flybe has never been 'low cost' despite their marketing effort.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 19:49   #16 (permalink)
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Manchester to CDG 14th March one way Flybe £60 (similar time to your jet2 flight)

Getting a bit closer for you binder?

We are living in a ridiculous world of expectation whereby the fare paying passenger on a modern day airliner thinks its acceptable to travel 500 miles in under 90 minutes for less than the cost of a tank of petrol / or a car MOT / or a weekly shop.

Oh, and the same trip of March 14 via the Eurostar will cost you £39. You'd just need to get yourself to St Pancras station first.

A little sense of perspective is necessary here chaps. Lets get real.

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Old 25th Jan 2013, 20:04   #17 (permalink)
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Flybe has never been 'low cost' despite their marketing effort.
My thoughts exactly. On a couple of routes I fly, I found that the competition offered equal or cheaper fares together with a superior product. Consequently I stopped using FlyBe.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 21:28   #18 (permalink)
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Any one training for a MPL or with one at Flybe and restricted, would know the risks of being tied to an airline, prior to starting the training. Those training will hopefully be able convert during training to finish with a frozen ATPL instead.

Sorry to hear the job losses
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 21:39   #19 (permalink)
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I doudt very much its the MPLs they will want rid of.

I suspect it will be the FO's at the top of the FO's pay scale.

I had heard that due lack of movement the whole flight crew pay budget was way way out due the the profile of experenced FO's they have with nearly no movement by the LHS either.

Might also find that they would have to pay off the rest of the training loan as well for the cadet intake if they made them redundant before the loan was repayed in full.
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Old 25th Jan 2013, 22:08   #20 (permalink)
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I wanted to fly SOU-NCL return back in mid December......for me and the Mrs including a small bag each, it was over £530!!!! How on earth could they expect to continue in this fashion. Ended up paying BA to fly us LHR-NCL-LHR for less than £280.

I'm not sure what Flybe has become.....to me it's a lost sheep charging the earth. I thought the point of the Dash 8 was to be able to save fuel and therefore offer pax a cheaper regional service. When major Jet competitors are coming in at half the price or less, something has gone majorly wrong at Flybe.

Very very sad. It's a company I'd dearly love to work for later down the line but, for now, I hope Mr French & Co can find their feet and sort out this bloody great mess.

Have a good weekend all
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