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Old 10th Feb 2017, 06:33   #881 (permalink)
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Bondi and Playstation,

You really are a couple of plums. We all know you are upset about how your careers with Norwegian ended. However, your constant hijackiing of these threads to express your discontent takes up an inordinate amount of bandwidth. There are actually pilots who are asking genuine questions who would actually like relevant information rather than propaganda from a couple of embittered ex-employees. Please grow up boys.
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 08:24   #882 (permalink)
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Take your own advice.
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 08:52   #883 (permalink)
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my last post described the current selection process as it was relayed to me, which part of "Norwegian Pilot Selection" does that fail to address ? or, am I not allowed to add my own opinions on how worthwhile it is to put yourself through it ? don't worry, just utilise the correct handshake & you too can be welcomed to the brotherhood. . . . sorry, "Norwegian Family".
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 13:44   #884 (permalink)
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I fully respect the right of anyone seeking employment, or change, to ask any question(s) in their endeavors and wish them every success.

I have sought to correct misinformation and provide relevant information, including union representation and to whom, in order that prudent choices may be made by prospective applicants. Remember, some pilots may be leaving a career with an airline to join Norwegian via a 3-year fixed term, temporary “career” with a staffing agency.

My post on the previous page details the way to a more secure working relationship directly with the Norwegian airline for ALL their pilots, rather than the present fragile and insecure relationship via a service provider. This outcome is desired by the Norwegian Pilot Group and stated on their website – link:


The US based cabin crews have achieved some success with the help of the National Mediation Board. Unfortunately, Norwegian is obstructing their Collective Labor Agreement by refusing roster changes for two representatives to attend negotiation meetings. Spanish pilots are also facing obstruction in their CLA with Orient Ship Management and a non-airline, Norwegian Resource Group. Spanish cabin crews have threatened to strike if they cannot achieve representation directly to the Norwegian airline.

With the inordinate Kjos propaganda of Norwegian’s expansion and reported desperate need for pilots, combined with last summer’s debacle of thousands of passengers left stranded and distraught by cancelled flights due to a lack of pilots, there may never be a better bargaining opportunity.

Perhaps you, or any other person, can provide a reason why Norwegian’s pilots continue to pay union dues for representation to a staffing agency, when the ability to have union representation, a CLA and associated labor rights directly with the Norwegian airline is available.
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 21:29   #885 (permalink)
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And still, the lectures keep on coming.

The thread title is 'Norwegian B737 Pilot selection' - just a hint for you.

All the best.
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Old 11th Feb 2017, 14:39   #886 (permalink)
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Are u sure that u need at least 2 opc before become captain? A friend of mine became cpt after very few months...
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Old 11th Feb 2017, 15:10   #887 (permalink)
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Then he/she probably joined as a DEC, the way I've understood it is that you cannot cut the master seniority list.
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Old 12th Feb 2017, 20:08   #888 (permalink)
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"come and be part of history " Excuse me ? ?

Yeah, it must be pretty historic to be recruited by one bottom feeder and then contracted to another.

OSM "it's all about the people" , but, it seems , not attracting/recruiting them . . . . how many parasites do you want making a buck on your back ? ?

NTR Captain for the new B737MAX | Norwegian | USA

Come and be part of history as one of the first Captains to fly this brand new aircraft.

Our client needs little introduction as a recognised global brand. We are delighted to be working on behalf of OSM Aviation to recruit NTR Commercial Jet Captains who are wanting to be the first to fly the brand new B737MAX on Norwegian’s new medium long haul network in the USA.

Norwegian is the first airline to take delivery of the MAX and will be the first airline in the world to operate the brand new aircraft type.


3 year renewable contract with OSM Aviation for Norwegian
Competitive salary including per diems and phone allowance
USA Bases PVD or SWF
Excellent benefits package

Valid EASA or FAA License
EASA Class I Medical
US Passport or Green Card
Level 5 English
4000 total hours
2000 PIC hours on commercial jet over 30 tonnes
150 hours PIC hours within last 12 months


Interview and SIM screening will be held in MIA. Travel on the airline’s network will be provided.

Why us?

Resource Group Contractair pride ourselves on our attention to detail and care for both candidate and client. We strive to deliver the finest service and ensure your application will be dealt with efficiently. You can expect any application to be responded to within a 24 hour period and if successful you will be represented to our client the same day. We can FastTrack your application to the client.

For more information on how to apply for the position please contact Tamara Springham on +44 (0) 1256 368 500, +44 (0) 788 768 6298 or alternatively, please send your CV to tamara.springham@resourcegroup.co.uk

Introduction to Resource Group - Flight Crew Services | Resource Group

We look forward to receiving your application and building a long term professional relationship.

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Old 15th Feb 2017, 03:52   #889 (permalink)
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So, to confirm, will the 737 Max in the UK & Ireland be separate from the standard 737-800 operations? Will the pilots currently flying the 800 be able to bid the Max or is that completely separate? I understand the U.S. operation is solely Max.
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Old 15th Feb 2017, 17:39   #890 (permalink)
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Assessment NTR

Originally Posted by November7 View Post
Hell folks!

I'm attending to the Norwegian 737 FO screening with OSM in Oslo on February 8th, any other pilots attending the same day to share some information and the taxi to the OSM office?
Can you please share some info about the assessment day, please?
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Old 17th Feb 2017, 13:08   #891 (permalink)
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I smell a little BS from November7.

He is suppose to be attending assessment twice, once on 29th Nov 2016 and again on 8th Feb 2017, 3 post in total, no answer and not allowing PMs.

Troll, period.
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Old 19th Feb 2017, 09:29   #892 (permalink)
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Any advice where to find in internet the correct ' skytest' in order to prepare ?
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Old 19th Feb 2017, 14:50   #893 (permalink)
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EPST so I understand
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