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TRI/TRE rating?

Is TRI and TRE an actual rating on a JAA license? Or is it simply another term for "check airman" that we use in the US? (designated by your airline and approved by the FAA to conduct Initial Operating Experience and Line Checks for only that airline)

Would a TRE have the same authority that a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) has in the States, that is, to issue a type rating?

thanks in advance
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TRI is a rating and it is stamped in my licence. It is a personal qualification, like an aircraft type rating.

TRE is an authorisation granted by the Authority under the sponsorship of an organisation (TRTO, airline or manufacturer).

TRIs train people to pass skill tests for ratings; TREs conduct the skill tests and sign licences.

$10 please.
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So is a TRI necessary to conduct initial operating experience? And a TRE necessary to conduct company required line checks?

I guess my confusion is rooted in the fact that the FAA also has a CFI (certified flight instructor) rating, and that goes on your license. But at the same time a CFI rating is not required to give IOE (initial operating experience) and line checks at an airline, even though you've been approved by the FAA to do so.

Bottom line, and the reason I'm asking, is this... If you've got an FAA ATPL, and you're a check airman at your airline, it would look stupid on a resume to have TRI/TRE. ...Right?
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I sent you a pvt message.
good luck.
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I don't think stupid is correct but I would just quote the correct term for your licence (sorry license in your case!) and leave it to the prospective employer to assess. They will know the differences and whether they are significant to their needs.
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thanks guys for your answers!
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Sounds like you might be the one to ask. I'm a LCA at UAL on the A-320 and have registered with Rishworth just to find out the answer to this question. I conduct on line instruction as well as line checks. You have posted that you have this on your certificate.I have my FAA qual, but thats as far as it goes with the FAA. Since registering with Rishworth, I've been getting offers for TRE/TRI qual jobs. 50 years old and going to ride the big U to the ground, but just looking for some info. Thanks for anything you can give me to clear this up.
Thanks, Tim
Please email me at Yehoot2@aol.com if you can help clear this up
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Can I suggest you download the following Doc.


Then read section "H" & "I". This will give you the exact requirements & privileges of a TRI & TRE.

If the link does not open for any reason, just google (UK) for "LASORS" & you will find it.
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