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Old 8th May 2012, 21:08   #1 (permalink)
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Mystery jets in LHR FIR

Can anyone tell me what is whizzing past my house a couple of times a week? Sounds very low, very fast and probably military. I live about 8 miles South of LHR.

Suspect it may be linked to anti-terror precautions for the Olympics??
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This is probably what you're looking for:

BBC News - RAF Typhoon jets arrive in London to test Olympic security
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rooftop missile test firings
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More bang for your buck
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Try this thread for answers

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Probably some MPs wife driving picking up her points.
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The most puzzling thing is what's the LHR FIR?
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RAF Typhoons, Olympic security practice flights......
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Someone who is too fond of vindaloo.
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The Sound of Freedom...only bettered by `The smell of napalm` in the morning...that means `trouble at t`mill...!!
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Have briefs,

Now they've found where you live and confirmed you're at home, the drones will be along soon to finish the job.
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Typhoon jockeys trying out those new exploding plastic pants?
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