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South Asia and the Far East News and views on the fast growing and changing aviation scene on the planet.

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Old 21st May 2013, 05:01   #1 (permalink)
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DGCA t* issu* **w *ul*s f** hi*i*g *x*at *il*ts

**w D*lhi: I*dias aviati** **gulat** *la*s t* d* its bit t* **duc* u**m*l*ym**t am**g th* c*u*t*ys *il*ts by i*t**duci*g **w *ul*s that will mak* it ma*dat**y f** ai*li**s t* hi** tw* l*cals f** *v**y *x*at, but **t **c*ssa*ily f** duti*s i* th* c*ck*it, acc**di*g t* tw* *fficials awa** *f th* matt**** I*dia has ab*ut 350 f***ig* *il*ts, d*w* f**m 800 f*u* y*a*s back** Th* c*u*t*ys ai*li**s had b*** **qui**d t* *has* th*m all *ut by D*c*mb** 2013** This d*adli** is t* b* *xt**d*d t* 2016 by th* **gulat**, th* Di**ct**at* G****al *f Civil Aviati** (DGCA), ***vid*d th* **w c**diti** is m*t, said *** *f th* tw* ***s**s cit*d ab*v*** Th* s*c**d ***s** c**fi*m*d th* d*v*l**m**t** **ith** wa*t*d t* b* *am*d** F** *v**y *il*t f**m *v**s*as ** th* **lls, a* ai*li** will ***d t* hi** tw* u**m*l*y*d c*mm**cial *il*t lic**c* (C*L) h*ld**s a*d giv* th*m alt***ativ* j*bs such as flight dis*atch**s ** i* *adi* t*l**h**y** Th*y ca* b* giv** j*bs as c*-*il*ts bas*d ** m**it, wh***v** vaca*ci*s **** u*, th* fi*st *fficial said** This will add**ss th* issu* *f u**m*l*ym**t t* s*m* *xt**t a*d th*y will b* i* a* aviati** **vi***m**t i*st*ad *f sitti*g at h*m*, h* said** Th* *fficial said h* g*ts hu*d**ds *f **qu*sts f**m high c*u*t judg*s, s**i** bu**auc*ats a*d m*mb**s *f *a*liam**t **c*mm**di*g *il*ts wh* a** f*i**ds ** family f** j*bs** Th* f**mula is b*i*g w**k*d *ut, said th* s*c**d *fficial** I*dia has m*** tha* 4,000 u**m*l*y*d C*L h*ld**s** I* 2009, th* g*v***m**t had ask*d th* ai*li**s t* *has* *ut *il*ts f**m *v**s*as ** th*i* **lls by July 2011 s* that I*dia* c*-*il*ts c*uld b* ***m*t*d** This d*adli** k**t g*tti*g *xt**d*d a*d th* lat*st *** is D*c*mb**** Ai* I*dia Ltd; J*t Ai*ways (I*dia) Ltd; Ki*gfish** Ai*li**s Ltd; I*diG*, *u* by I*t**Gl*b* Aviati** Ltd, a*d S*ic*J*t Ltd all *m*l*y f***ig* *il*ts** Its u*cl*a* if qualifi*d I*dia* *il*ts, ty*ically at th* a**x *f th* *m*l*y** *y*amid i* a* ai*li**, will tak* a flight dis*atch**s j*b, said a* a*alyst** Th* j*b g****ally **tails ****a*ati** *f all th* *a***w**k f** a flight such as w*ath** *****ts, fu*l *la**i*g a*d l*ads ** th* ai*c*aft** It will **ly mak* it w**s* f** th* u**m*l*y*d *il*ts, said M*ha* *a*ga*tha*, a* aviati** saf*ty a*alyst a*d a m*mb** *f th* g*v***m**t-a***i*t*d Civil Aviati** Saf*ty Advis**y C*u*cil** H* said DGCA sh*uld hav* **f**c*d th* D*c*mb** d*adli**** Th* d*adli** was mad* i* 2010 f** 2013** F** th*** y*a*s, **** *f th* ****at**s *la***d ******ly a*d DGCA fail*d t* m**it**** If th* **gulat** had fu*cti***d as a **gulat** a*d *ull*d u* th* failu** *f ****at**s t* *la* f** th* futu**, th*y hav* t* b* blam*d** S*ic*J*t had **gu la* t*ai*i*g ***g*amm*s t* ***m*t* th*i* *w* fi*st *ffic**s** If th* *th** ai*li**s hav* fail*d, th*y a** t* b* blam*d, al**g with DGCA, wh* did **t **f**c* th* claus* i* th* CA* (civil aviati** **qui**m**t) f** FATA (f***ig* ai*c**w t*m***a*y auth**izati**)** S*ic*J*t d**s **t *m*l*y a*y f***ig* *il*ts *xc**t ** its small** B*mba*di** Q400 ai*c*aft i*duct*d **c**tly** I*dia* *il*ts a***t y*t skill*d ***ugh t* fly th* *la**** ***s**cts f** f**sh aviati** sch**l g*aduat*s a***t lik*ly t* im***v* a*y tim* s***, said aviati** c**sulti*g fi*m CA*A C**t** f** Aviati**** Th*** a** ma*y, ma*y wh* a** j*bl*ss, said CA*A S*uth Asia chi*f *x*cutiv* Ka*il Kaul** Th*** is a s**i*us c**c*** am**g C*L h*ld**s** Th*** is*t u*f**tu*at*ly a*y s*luti** i* th* **a* t**m** A* as*i*i*g *il*t ***ds t* s***d **ughly *s**35-50 lakh ** t*ai*i*g t* g*t a flyi*g lic**c* d****di*g ** wh*** th* ***s** t*ai**d a*d ** what ai*c*aft ty**** If fu*d*d by a ba*k l*a*, th* ***aym**t c*uld b* as much as *s**35,000-50,000 *** m**th *v** a y*a*-a*d-a-half** CA*A said it will tak* a l**g tim* f** th* 4,000 u**m*l*y*d *il*ts t* b* abs**b*d as ai*li**s hav* sl*w*d th* i*ducti** *f ai*c*aft as th* ma*k*t has *as*d u*** Shakti Lumba, a f**m** vic*-***sid**t *f Ai* I*dia a*d I*diG*, said th* aviati** mi*ist*y sh*uld fi*d a m*** amicabl* s*luti** t* th* c*isis** Th* aviati** mi*ist*y sh*uld acc**t C*L *quival**t t* g*aduati** f** all civil aviati** j*bs, i*cludi*g th*s* i* th* Ai****t Auth**ity *f I*dia, DGCA a*d Ai* I*dia, a*d C*L h*ld**s (hav*) t* b* giv** **i**ity f** s*lf-*m*l*ym**t i* ai****t, c*mm**cial s*ac*s, ***t** s**vic*s, ai*c*aft cl*a*i*g s**vic*s, (am**g *th** **ti**s), h* said** *il*ts als* ***d t* ****w th*i* lic**c*s if th*y d**t g*t a j*b, which m*a*s s***di*g a**th** *s**5-7 lakh** By th* tim* th***s s*ac* f** s*m* *f th*s* u**m*l*y*d C*L h*ld**s, th*y may **t hav* skills **l*va*t t* th* ma*k*t, said Kaul** Th*y will hav* t* d* s*m*thi*g *ls*** Th*y will hav* t* fi*d alt***ativ* *m*l*ym**t, h* said** Liv*mi*t: 21st May 2013

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T** bad******

******that th***'s th*usa*ds *f m****s that lu**d by fals* *m*l*ym**t ***mis*s *isk a **s**cfull am*u*t *f daddy's cash, maki*g th* f**tu** *f flyi*g sch**ls ac**ss th* w**ld** I*dia ***ds l*ts *f c*m**t**t **gi****s, t*ch*icia*s, d*ct**s, **t *il*ts** *f c*u*s* this tak*s much m*** d*dicati** a*d *ff**t tha* t* g*t a C*L a*d la*d a j*b at a* ai*li**** This g**u* is just *** m*** u*dl* f** th* al**ady t**ubl*d days i* th* aviati** i*dust*y i* I*dia, by th* a***yi*g a*d us*l*ss **litical ***ssu**** This guys ***d a **ality ch*ck ** ca**** **ti**s**

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I wish my h*m* c*u*t*y w*uld **duc* th* *umb** *f *il*ts f**m I*dia* h**itag*s t* th* 350 *umb**** Th** mayb* my s** a*d *th** y*u*g *il*ts c*uld g*t a j*b i* th*i* h*m* c*u*t*y i*st*ad *f fli**i*g bu*g**s f** I*dia*s that a** flyi*g i* *u* c*u*t*y** Tit 4 Tat********I*dia *limi*at*s *x*ats, *th** C*u*t*i*s *limi*at* I*dia*s f**m flyi*g as a* *x*at** Th** list** t* th* *ich I*dia* daddi*s *iss a*d m*a***
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@Quaza* I am cu*i*us t* k**w which c*u*t*y y*u a** f**m such that it s***s**s I*dia*s t* c*m* a*d w**k as a *il*t but w**t hi** its *w* citiz**s ?
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Quaza* Its all humbug,*x*ats ca*'t g* f*m I*dia f** a l**g tim**********i*d
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I*d***sia is th* **ly c*u*t*y that c*m*s t* my mi*d****
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its sim*l* d*ma*d a*d su**ly h***** i*dia ca***t fi*d QUALIFI*D CA*TAI*S t* m**t th* **qui**m**ts *f i*su*a*c* c*m*a*i*s t* fill s*ats a*d thats why *x*ats a** ***d*d! th* sam* thi*g is g*i*g ** a**u*d th* w**ld****** chi*a, i**d**sia** mayb* th* DGCA ***ds t* st** I*dia*s f**m g*i*g ab**ad f** flight t*ai*i*g but if th* y*u*g b*ys wa*t t* g* a*d bu** daddys m***y th** th*y su** ca*! i*dia has ** **ti** tha* t* k*** th* *x*ats d**m **c*ssa*y t* fill th* s*ats i* c*ck*it** wh** th*** will b* ***ugh qualifi*d i*dia* ca*tai*s a*d f*'s, *x*ats will b* s*lf *limi*at*d du* t* sh*** su**y**
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** *** *v** m**ti**s ** c*m*lai*s ab*ut th* **w CA* ** t*ai*i*g that *uts *v** m*** **st*icti**s a*d c*sts t* ai*li**s ** cha*t** c*m*a*i*s wh* wa*t t* u*g*ad* SIC t* *IC ** *v** th* *idicul*us **qui**m**ts **w f** a **w SIC t* b* i*duct*d********
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T*ai*i*g CA*

@itsb**k**agai*: mayb* thats c*z ** *** *ls* has g*tt** a**u*d t* **adi*g it i*cludi*g t*ai*i*g d**a*tm**ts it s**ms** 1000 h*u*s ** c*mm**cial *la**s a*d a* SIC has t* d* **LY 15 SLFs whil* a*y*** with l*ss tha* that has t* d* 30 SLF t* b* cl*a**d t* fly as SIC**** **ly **c* it b*c*m*s *ff*ctiv* i* S**t a*d ****at**s a** f*u*d guilty *f *** c*m*lia*c* will mayb* s*m**** **aliz* what a *idicul*us d*cum**t that **ally is** as if its **t t*ugh ***ugh t* fi*d I*st*uct**s, th* cl*w*s hav* tak** it *** st** fu*th** with ABS*LUT*LY ** i*c**m**t i* saf*ty/t*ai*i*g/****ati**s ** l*gic whats y*u* tak* ** th* **ut* c*m**t**cy ch*cks f** *ICs i* th* sam* CA*? h*w i* th* w**ld will a*y *S** g*t his *ICs t*ai**d ** *v**y **ssibl* &qu*t;**ut*&qu*t; *** w**d**s** what if th* b*ss d*cid*s t* g* f**m Mys*** t* ***dich***y? ** Ba*gal*** t* Cha*diga*h? &qu*t;S***y chi*f w* ca*t d* it c*z ** *** fli*s ** that **ut* a*d w* hav* **v** fl*w* it s**** w* ca*t *v** ca**y a* *bs**v****&qu*t; ** s*c**d th*ughts mayb* w* c*uld ca**y a flight sch**l t*ai*** f** th* Mys***-***dich***y l*g as *bs**v** t* advis* us *f th* t*a*s i* th* **ut*! Th* *ul*s hav* y*t agai* b*** c*aft*d with ai*li**s i* th* mi*d a*d b*** f**c*d d*w* th* th**at *f *** Sch*dul* ****at**s by th* g**ius*s w**ki*g at Safda*ju*g****

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CF680*1**** *v** I*d***sia d**s **t wa*t th*m, a*ym***** du* t* th* fact that m*st hav* dubi*us lic**s*s a*d v**y s**ilt attitud*** Th*y f**g*t, that th*y ca**y th*** *W* bags a*d ca*t t**at ****l* lik* slav*s**********
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**s**cially aft** th* i*fam*us**JT 904**accid**t wh*** a***I*dia* c*-*il*t h*l**d a b*a*d **w 738 ***f**m a wat** la*di*g ** Kuta b*ach ****** I still ca*'t u*d**sta*d why h* gav* th* c**t**ls t* th* ca*t at 150 ft *ath** tha* d***th* g* a**u*d**hims*lf**
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Smili*g m**k*y****** I gu*ss h* ha*d*d *v** th* c**t**ls at 150FT b*caus* h* **alis*d that h* is **t a SU***STA* *il*t aft**all**** w*a* aviat** *ayba*s a*d l**ki*g th* *a*t d**s **t mak* y*u a *il*t, y*u ***d t* walk th* walk t********* f** th* I*dia* *il*t wh* t**k th* B738 f** a su*f l*ss******** I gu*ss a li** f**m T** gu* sums it u*********** &qu*t;What y*u sh*uld hav* d*** was la*d y*u* *la** ** TH* *U*WAY! Y*u d**'t *w* that *la**, th* BA*KS d*! S**, y*u* *g* is w*iti*g ch*cks y*u* b*dy ca*'t cash&qu*t;

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