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Bilateral with EK, ABY and QR

Hi All,

Havining given additional seats to Oman Air, Singapore Airlines and Etihad, when will be the next bilateral review with Emirates, Air Arabia and Qatar Airways who are in the queue for additional seats from India. Are they likely to get additional seats or the doors have been shut for them?

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In the case of Emirates and Air Arabia , it would happen very soon since the bilaterals are between the UAE and India.They just need to factor for additional carriers and cities.In the case of Qatar it would eventually happen too just a matter of time.Good Bye Air India.
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Thanks for your reply. Any idea when these bilaterals are going to be revised with Dubai, Sharjah and Qatar. Will it be during this summer or the forthcoming winter? Election are around the corner.
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Bi-laterals with the UAE and India are such that India specifies which carrier , ie EY went from @13000 to 50000+ seat to India just a few months back.
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