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Old 10th Mar 2008, 13:43   #1 (permalink)
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Srilankan Airlines Cadet Pilots New Intake

Does anybody have a realistic idea of when the next intake will be? Will the date be effected by the change in management structure or can we expect an intake/advert within the next month or so?

Also regarding this subject the aritcle below makes interesting reading.

This is not a thread to start knocking about insults about the good and bad things at UL just a request for information.

Thanks in advance

Safe Landings


Pilot exodus from SriLankan Airlines
By Dilshani Samaraweera

National carrier Sri Lankan Airlines will lose 28 pilots this year to airlines in Asia and the Middle East. Already Sri Lanka’s single international carrier is functioning below the required cadre. The airline will lose many more trained pilots for its airbuses, by the middle of this year – just as Emirates moves out from fully managing the airline.

Sri Lankan needs around 225 pilots for full, regular operations. At the moment it is functioning with 211 pilots. This week, SriLankan confirmed that 28 pilots, out of its current pilot cadre of 211, have already given notice.

“We have around 211 pilots right now. Out of this, we have 28 resignations at the moment. These resignations will take effect by April-May of this year, because they have to give 3 months notice,” said Captain Milinda Ratnayake, Senior Manager, Flight Operations, Sri Lankan Airlines. Most of the pilots are going to airlines in India and the Middle East. India’s demand for pilots of wide-bodied aircrafts has jumped with airlines like Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines starting to operate international flights. Many of the trained and experienced pilots leaving Sri Lankan are entering these two Indian airlines.

SriLankan pilots are also joining Middle Eastern airlines like Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways. SriLankan said it has stepped up training and recruitment to maintain uninterrupted operations, despite the large exodus of its trained pilots.

“We have training capacity for around 22-24 pilots. This is around 10% of our cadre. So we already have ongoing training programmes. We are also on a vigorous recruitment campaign,” said Ratnayake. Already around 40 of Sri Lankan Airlines’ pilots are expats. The airline says the salaries are the same for both local and expat pilots. The outflow of trained Sri Lankan pilots has been gradually increasing over the past few years.

“The demand for pilots is very high now because airlines are opening up in this part of the world and they need pilots. So this has been going on for the past 2-3 years now,” said Ratnayake.


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Old 17th Mar 2008, 06:29   #2 (permalink)
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next intake only once the current batch finishes up...probably around 6-8 months..and anyway if experienced pilots leave..why would they want to throw more inexperienced pilots into line ops..study hard and be patient..i think we will all have to wait a little while

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Old 25th Mar 2008, 07:01   #3 (permalink)
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Srilankan Airlines Cadet Pilots New Intake

The Next Intake will be in June, the exams in August, its confirm.
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 20:58   #4 (permalink)
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Srilankan Airlines Tech. Exams for cadet pilots

Can somebody pls give me some information about the Srilankan Airlines Tech. Exams. How many papers, What's the duration, what sort of questions to expect (Multiple Choise/ Essay) and any recommended reading material to refer.

Thank you
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 13:25   #5 (permalink)
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Just to let everyone know that the advert is out for the cadet pilot intake...good luck to u all.

cheers newagebird
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 10:09   #6 (permalink)
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ad will be out by Nov!!!!
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Old 17th Oct 2008, 10:59   #7 (permalink)
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quick question,
do they only take srilankan nationals or other nationalities have chances too?
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Old 22nd Jan 2010, 19:56   #8 (permalink)
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Does anyone know if Sri Lankan is going to recruit through the cadet pilot programme in 2010? I haven't seen any evidence of it yet.

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Old 13th Feb 2010, 04:37   #9 (permalink)
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Does Sri Lankan Airlines take non-lankan residents?
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Old 13th Feb 2010, 12:46   #10 (permalink)
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The article above is nearly 2 years old. A lot has happened in the last two years hhhmm maybe a GFC comes to mind??? old info
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Old 1st Mar 2010, 23:24   #11 (permalink)
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Thumbs down Corruption & Unprofessional Behavior Of Pilots At Sri Lankan Airlines


lol, guys UL should change its course BIG time ( meant the way they run system)
Stupidity, corruption, non professional behavior among pilots and crew and all because of that we shall never be able to take it back to its glorious times!.. I havent apllied to yet yet no need but , sri lankan should realize it !!!

Ravana's Chief Pilot.!
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Old 5th Mar 2010, 19:15   #12 (permalink)
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answer for that most of them come from Big wigs infleuce and they cannot be stopped by the Captains... even the Captains are scared....

Anyway I heard tey are running on loss again.....
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Old 21st May 2010, 06:53   #13 (permalink)
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You are right in someways and wrong in someways...the bad apples left and now are knocking again to be taken back, the good ones stayed and they have realized that it's not good to have the bad with the good so they too are supporting the president in refusing to take them back. Some of who left in a descent way are being taken back the others have been sent to Mihin to be disciplined by the President himself.

They have started recruitting again it seems as there is big plans for expansion including 777 and sea planes.

Time to get your CV ready...
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Old 3rd Jun 2010, 08:58   #14 (permalink)
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Sea Planes back again and 777, what a waste of money, heard they pull everything from UL and Pump it to HIMIN Air,and in another few years time HAMAB wil be the main Airport and all of them at Katu wil have to look at the sky,,,, few years time UL will be ignored and their own staff will be set up.. thats how bad th system is.
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Old 25th Oct 2010, 08:48   #15 (permalink)

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Sri Lankan Salaries

Anyone knows the pay scale for pilots, most specifically 320 Capt., local and or expat.
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Old 3rd Nov 2010, 19:25   #16 (permalink)
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Srilankan Airlines

Anybody from Srilankan care to share some info regarding the screening process

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Old 26th Sep 2014, 15:10   #17 (permalink)
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Heard the other day at Ops that a person who managed to get the command recently didnt sit for his Cadet Intake tech exam way back in 2006 when he got in, he was exhempted from Tech exam and was sent for the Flight test by Mili Rat ... WOW !!!! Land Like No other ~~~~~~~~~~
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