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Old 8th Nov 2010, 23:56   #1 (permalink)
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Self Study for DGCA exams - resources, books, notes, questions

Planning on self-study for the DGCA exams. Can anyone advise which books are recommended and other resources such as question banks, notes etc.

Anyone gone this route and been successful?
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Old 9th Nov 2010, 05:06   #2 (permalink)
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@shon - I did that.. and id urge everyone whose got exams to go study themselves.
I finished both conversion exams aka CPLCG AIR NAV COMPOSITE & REGS in the 2nd attempt. The first attempt was just a trial as i had just landed back frm training like 2 days before the exam so thats like a negligible attempt.

Anyways i studied using GSP's (Ground Studies for Pilots) for NAV / Radio Aids / Flight Planning & MET(4 books), RK Bali's book for AIR REGS and also Reading up DGCA CAR's / AIP / Act of 1937 etc.

Books are available at English Book Store in Delhi. You can buy the GSP for NAV and Air Regs by RK Bali primarily then once done with those go onto Flight Planning and Radio Aids

It took time and lots of looking here n there and a lot of breaking the head on the wall lol. but i did get thru..

To pass the DGCA Exams you also need lotsa luck by your side.. !
But anyways go ahead with this. Im sure a lot of people have done this and aced. If you work hard nthn will be able to stop you from getting done with the exams.

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Old 9th Nov 2010, 05:29   #3 (permalink)
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for self study, the following text-books and materials have been tried and trusted :

1. Air Regulations : Air Regs by Wing Cmdr. Bali , a/c Act 1937 from the DGCA website

2. Meteorology : Meteorology by Grp.Cpt. I C Joshi, GSPs,

3. Navigation/Radio Aids : GSP, notes of wing.cmdr(rtd)S.K.Buti, Seth or capt. Surinder's. (Especially for problems on PET, PNR)
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Old 9th Nov 2010, 05:37   #4 (permalink)
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Try K C Duggal's(Dy Dr DGCA, Ret) notes, worked out for a lot of us. But you never know what DGCA might ask on each specific paper. Last year a composite paper had lots of POF questions in it and this year one of the reg exam was full of human factors.
So better arm yourself with everything you can find.
All the best.
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Old 28th Mar 2011, 09:09   #5 (permalink)

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cpl books

can any body help me in procuring cpl books, another doubt is regarding the validity of papers. Are all the papers valid for 5 years?
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Old 28th Mar 2011, 18:07   #6 (permalink)
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@ Arun..Yup the validity has been changed to 5 years
Duggal is an awesome option for Navigation..go through his 3 books..general Nav..radio Nav..and Instruments..!
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 08:42   #7 (permalink)
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Question Looking for more books..


I was wondering what other books can I read up on for Met and powerplants related topics..
Just GSPs doesnt quite do the trick for me!
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Old 18th Nov 2011, 03:49   #8 (permalink)
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Besides from what has been mentioned above & in some other threads, Can someone pls shed some light on what is being asked more recently??

Has anyone appeared recently in DGCA CPL exams for Nav & Technical escpecially in the OCT 2011 session when the exams are all on Computer??

If someone who has recently cleared regular CPL papers for NAV & TECH, not the conversion exams, pls suggest some reading material or books for NAV & TECH gen exams.

Is the "flight plan" & CP PNR questions still being asked in NAV??

Pls help guys.......
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Old 18th Nov 2011, 05:50   #9 (permalink)
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I personally feel that the GSP's are very poorly written....I prefer reading up from oxford for better understanding of the topic...The matter is well written and includes some humour here and there....
For examination point of view go through question banks e.g. Pooley's, volare, PPSC ( i am trying to find this one out....last attempt tech. paper was from this one )....
Websites like exams4pilots (Met. last 2 attempts) and turbinesturbines
The list is long....So get your hands on as much material as you can and keep reading everything you lay your hands on.
If there is any specific topic you need info on, Let me know, I'll be glad to assist with regards to the reading material...


P.S. CP PNR questions are still being asked...Flight planning not so sure..
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Old 18th Nov 2011, 07:37   #10 (permalink)
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i have Surinder`s book lying around in Mumbai. If anyone needs to photocopy it then send me a text on 9757-212-553. I might have Duggal as well. Have to check.
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Old 18th Nov 2011, 22:54   #11 (permalink)
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@VTASM; Thanks for the tips. What is PPSC??

How'z the 1000 questions by Williams??

I just wanted to know about the CP PNR & Flight plan if I needed to build my speed up for filling the flight plan like old days.

@Dushrox, are U still in Mumbai.. When is a good time to call you??

Pls keep the sugesstions coming guys.......
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Old 19th Nov 2011, 05:46   #12 (permalink)
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Oxford-Jeppesen books would be a better choice than GSP..
they 'explain' it all and not just state..pretty good for self study. And that be for any topic, except Indian Met.

Good luck.
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Old 19th Nov 2011, 09:02   #13 (permalink)
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@ pilotbaba...

No sweat dude...
I find KW good but not enough.....
PPSC is a JAR question bank that I am trying to lay my hands on.....
Lot of questions from that in this exam....

Cheers !
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Old 19th Nov 2011, 19:09   #14 (permalink)
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1) Is Surinder Sing's / Capt Arvind Bhatt's Navigation notes suffice to clear the DGCA exams??

2) Are the contents in GSP NAV, Radio Aids and Flight planning beyond what is specified in the DGCA syllabus?

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Old 21st Nov 2011, 05:01   #15 (permalink)
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hello friends, i have surinder singh's regs questionere on email if any1 wants it. but its like very old ( 3 years)

i have to giv regs exam. thats the only one left. i have r.k bali 2010 part 1 and 2.

do u think only rk bali is enough for me ?

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Old 21st Nov 2011, 05:57   #16 (permalink)
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The UK company PPSC closed for business many years ago now. Therefore anything you find produced by them will not be current in the context of JAA questions but will always provide excellent practice on basic concepts.

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Old 8th Mar 2012, 17:26   #17 (permalink)

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regarding Question (Softcopy)

Can u share the soft copy of the questions with me at s.mounee@gmail.com

I am still working on my ppl abroad, and I am planning to start preparing for knowledge test and I want to give the test when i visit home/India.

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Old 9th Mar 2012, 11:32   #18 (permalink)
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Has anyone here given a Technical Paper for the PA-34 Seneca? What are the books I can study from? Any help?
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Old 24th Mar 2012, 08:39   #19 (permalink)
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Preparing for the next DGCA schedule

Hey guys, I would love to have the soft copy of rk Bali. Would be swell to rummage through it on the iPad

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Old 24th Mar 2012, 14:33   #20 (permalink)
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hello guys....
whatever u have, for ATPL preparations, kindly mail on my id - k.verma.ihm@gmail.com

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