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Old 9th Oct 2011, 22:35   #3241 (permalink)
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Thnx a lot concord 84.
Yeah heard of BA but I don't think I meet all their requirement.
They require unrestricted right to live and work in the UK which I dont think I will have after I finish my degree as I am on a student Visa here.
How about Etihad? Any hope of them resuming their programme?
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Old 10th Oct 2011, 04:26   #3242 (permalink)
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you will be slumming it on 95000 for sure, must be Government housing in Tung Chung.
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Old 12th Oct 2011, 21:53   #3243 (permalink)
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Application denial

Hi there,

Can anyone let me know why the Cathay Pilot Recruitment online process won't accept my application. After I state that:
I have over 1000hrs
Current CIR

Says, sorry you don't meet our requirements? I have emailed to ask why but still no response. I'm guessing that if you have inexcess of 1000hrs, CIR nil ATPLS that to them is TOO MUCH experience for the cadetship. Anyhelp?
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Old 14th Oct 2011, 06:56   #3244 (permalink)
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Hey concord84,
When's your interview, and do you hold a JAA license?
PM me if you don't mind
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Old 14th Oct 2011, 09:40   #3245 (permalink)
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Does anyone know for Stage 2 Mental Mathematics test, it says you cannot use a calculator, but do they allow you to use pen and paper?
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Old 14th Oct 2011, 10:46   #3246 (permalink)
Dancing with the devil, going with the flow... it's all a game to me.
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Yes, but it's still a pain in the rectum aile.

However, I would personally worry more about the interview and team exercises as these give the HR team more of an impression on your abilities and suitability for CX.

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Old 14th Oct 2011, 13:46   #3247 (permalink)
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can u plz give an insight into stage 2 in the manner u faced it/./??
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Old 16th Oct 2011, 16:05   #3248 (permalink)
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Got my business class ticket for the wife and I to go over to HK for Stage 2. doing a bit of study, anyone else in the same boat, let's compare some notes

I'll be there in Nov, anyone else going to be there, send me a PM.
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Old 16th Oct 2011, 19:35   #3249 (permalink)
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They gave business class for you & your wife for a stage 2?
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Old 17th Oct 2011, 04:22   #3250 (permalink)
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Hi Guys,

Just want to hear from anyone from Sydney who has a stage 1 interview in Brisbane on the 4th of November or round that time and who is interested in a study buddy, two heads/minds are better than one.

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Old 17th Oct 2011, 07:41   #3251 (permalink)
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Cadet Roadshow?

I was told today that a "Cathay representative" attended a local Aero club encouraging all the starry eyed trainee pilots to apply to the CX cadetship and finish their training with them. That way they can "get a number" early and be upgraded before all experienced pilots that are hired after them.

Is recruitment getting that desperate?

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Old 17th Oct 2011, 08:25   #3252 (permalink)
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Cathay looks like a great opportunity.

I have read through a lot of the thread and at first I was put of by Cathay thinking I would be living in a mud hut not earning enough to even eat but once looking at the figures it looks like an excellent deal.

The figures below are from 404 titan:
Taxable Income

HK$422040 SO annual salary
HK$ 35170 Annual Discretionary Bonus (If Paid)
HK$ 27642 Hourly Duty Pay based on 84 hrs/month less 3 weeks annual leave
HK$120000 Hong Kong Pilot Allowance
HK$604852 Total income
HK$108000 Less basic tax free threshold
HK$496852 Taxable income

Tax calculation for first year of service.

HK$ 800 First 40000 @ 2%
HK$ 2800 Next 40000 @ 7%
HK$ 4800 Next 40000 @ 12%
HK$64065 Remaining 376852 @ 17%
HK$72465 Total Tax (Based on Annual Discretionary Bonus being paid)

HK$66486 Total Tax (No Annual Discretionary Bonus)

In you first year of employment in Hong Kong you also need to budget for Provisional Tax, i.e. one year’s tax in advance. Therefore you need to double the above tax figures for your first tax bill.

HK$144930 total Tax (ADB Paid) = 34.3% of your monthly salary.
HK$132972 Total Tax (No ADB Paid) = 31.5% of your monthly salary.

This is a higher tax burden in your first year of service than most western countries.


Tax: $12100
Rent: $15000
Food: $4000
Home Phone: $500
Mobile: $120
Internet: $200
Electricity: $1000
Gas: $300
Water: $150
Public Transport: $1000
Miscellaneous: $3000
Total: $37370

Now I am from the UK and live in London.
My expenditure:
Rent:$13500 I live in a 400squarefoot flat
Home Phone: Cant aford it.
Mobile: $600
Gas: I dont have
Public Transport:$1600
Miscellaneous: I will keep the same$3000
Total: $23475 Notice I have left out the Tax from above.

Uk tax is one of the highest in the world so:
Basic Tax 0-£35000=20%
Higher £35000-£150000=40%
Additional £150000+=50%

A good starting salary at an Airline is £40000 if you are bonded it would be more like £28000.
£28000=$336000 after tax=$268000=$22333 a month.

Based on these quick figures I would rather be in Hong Kong.


P.S Tip if you are single find someone who works at HSBC and marry them. If they work in the Head office in London they maybe able to get a transfer to HK and they get accomodation provided. Nudge nudge wink wink.
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Old 17th Oct 2011, 10:14   #3253 (permalink)
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Exclamation Failed SIA Final Interview & looking!

Hi All!

I failed SIA final interview recently, have aerospace engineering degree and psychology minor and 19 dual hours with 0.2 solo hours on piper. I applied cathay & am looking at all other airlines too but didn't find any which I can apply for immediately given financial restrictions.

Being a fresh graduate, I am also wondering what careers I can start with to improve my standing as a cadet pilot applicant with Singapore Airlines or other airlines or companies. Thank you much!

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Old 18th Oct 2011, 00:54   #3254 (permalink)
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Hi guys, just noticed the "rapid command" tab in the flying positions section on the CX website. Is that very new or has it been around for a while. Just wondering cos it says applicants can vote to move to CX passenger flights after 3 years and these people are on bases, not in HK. Would that affect SOs getting a base and/or making it to a captain position in the long term or not? Just checking
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Old 18th Oct 2011, 02:23   #3255 (permalink)
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There also seems to be a first officer and second officer tab that appears to be new. Does this indicate Cathay will be accepting direct entry S/Os and F/Os soon and how will this affect the cadet programs?
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Old 18th Oct 2011, 15:33   #3256 (permalink)
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30week course

Could anybody with knowledge of the Advanced entry course (30wk) please describe the training regime undertaken @ FTA?

PM if required
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Old 18th Oct 2011, 16:37   #3257 (permalink)
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Does anybody know how long it takes a second officer to be final line checked?
also are the above monthly spends realistic for electric etc.?

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Old 18th Oct 2011, 19:21   #3258 (permalink)
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SIM Practice

Anybody interested in sharing a 747-200 sim in the south of England in November. Dates to be confirmed. PM me if interested.
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Old 18th Oct 2011, 19:56   #3259 (permalink)
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You guys have got to be kidding me. We are trying to share some wisdom, and you guys just keep coming.

Do NOT complain to me in the flight deck in 4 years.

I don't want to hear it. You have all been warned.
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Old 18th Oct 2011, 23:27   #3260 (permalink)
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Nobody would complain to you, son. You've offered nothing constructive. Don't flatter yourself to being somebody's sounding board.
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cadet pilot, cathay, cathay pacifc, cpp

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