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Does anyone know where I can find the official report to the following accidents?

Air Canada 143 Gimli glider
British Airways Flight 9 - Jakarta incident
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Ever heard of a global search engine called: "Google?"
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Ever heard of a global search engine called: "Google?"
Why have a forum if everything can be found on Google?
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To discuss the things that you find?
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No pdf-version on web

Good luck.

Re' mishaps of Air Canada 143 /23July1983 [CASB Rpt T22-64/1985E], and Speedbird 009/ 24June1982, google-search yields NO links to the actual report from the investigation authority. Wiki offers bibliography with book sources on each case.

In the 1980's (prior to the web) CASB would send the report (eg, theirs on AC143), free, upon your request. Occasionally, NTSB would send a paper copy of an Asian report, on request. Those were the days of paper-copier reports (sometimes purchased at a nickle per page).

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