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Rumours & News Reporting Points that may affect our jobs or lives as professional pilots. Also, items that may be of interest to professional pilots.

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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:00   #8321 (permalink)
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One candidate could be a driftnet.

It's hard to get aerial pics of them, but see eg Marine Debris UAS Survey - Photos under "Net Fragment"
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:21   #8322 (permalink)
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Many years ago I witnessed a Buccaneer do a vertical dive into the Johore Strait following loss of control and the crew ejecting. All I saw was a huge fountain of water from each wing. It was later recovered basically intact having slowed very rapidly and settled on the bottom in shallow water. If a 777 did the same it would likely do serious damage to the front end and the wings/engines would break off but the cabin may remain more or less intact and the whole lot would sink to the bottom, any air having been expelled through the damaged areas.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:26   #8323 (permalink)
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I tagged something here in this map 242381 which looks to me like being a aircraft tail floating semisubmerged
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:34   #8324 (permalink)
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Another angle....

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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:40   #8325 (permalink)
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Another angle....
Looks like it's been in the water a lot longer than just since March 8.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:41   #8326 (permalink)
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Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost

Fire bottle. I'm not sure even if it was in salt water for two weeks it would have corroded that quickly and if it was the real deal it could be traced by part and serial numbers if it actually was off MH 370.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:57   #8327 (permalink)
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If the 'reports' are true, i and i'd assume YOU too would find it hard to believe MH370 was allowed to carry on on its merry way.

All purely speculative, but just as possible as all the other 'wild' theories being thrown about, until evidence suggests otherwise.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 22:57   #8328 (permalink)
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Fire Bottle

Yes you have to go with the evidence that Immarsat provided which points to the south Indian Ocean. But these particular aircraft parts don't wash up on shore everyday. Also it looks to me to have been in the water about the right amount of time.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:01   #8329 (permalink)
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Have just enlarged and compared those 2 images of the object....I dont even think they are pics of the same object. in the first one, there is corrosion around the "screws" on the 2nd, there is none. Also, i cant find evidence of the wire attached at the top of the object in the 2nd image on the object in the first image. also, the level of surface corrosion seems to have changed between images!
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:12   #8330 (permalink)
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Lonely fire bottle

If the Maldives object really is a fire bottle, the question must be asked: if a B777 is so completely smashed that a fire bottle floats free, how is it that not one other item has floated ashore nearby?
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:25   #8331 (permalink)
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A photo of the part # and serial # needs to be posted for this to have any meaning.

It would be good to know where it came from regardless.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:32   #8332 (permalink)
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@DocRohan I think you're right, either different objects or they have given it a hell of a clean up!
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:42   #8333 (permalink)
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Don't know if MH370 even had fire bottles such as the one pictured, because of the phasing out of Halon systems. The Maldives are quite far from the present search area. I'd be surprised if the Inmarsat calculations were that far off. I think the engineers have done a great job helping to narrow down a search area. Plus, wouldn't other things have washed up around the same area if this bottle was from a recent crash?
Replacing Halon in Fire Protection Systems: A Progress Report
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:45   #8334 (permalink)
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For any 777 drivers out there-would the fly by wire system and associated protections keep the plane in the flight envelope after fuel starvation and flameout (with a/p engaged and both pilots incapacitated)?Could this have led to an impact with a low vertical speed component and an airspeed just above stall speed?
I'm not a T7 driver, but logic says both engines out. Loss of hydraulics and electrical systems. It's unlikely the autopilot will stay connected in this scenario. Can a 777 pilot please confirm.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:49   #8335 (permalink)
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Yep those two bottles look different,one more rusted than the other..Also no evidence of damaged mounts or screws,surely an impact strong enough to expose such a part would also damage it.
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Old 26th Mar 2014, 23:59   #8336 (permalink)
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If you assume for the moment that the suspect fire bottle is indeed from MH370, is there a possible scenario wherein the fire bottle was ejected by some some sort of explosion/fire on board yet the aircraft continued to fly on for some distance?

Given the current hypothetical flight path for MH370 it appears to have turned south almost due east from the point where the bottle was found. Perhaps such an "event" (if such an event is possible) caused M370 to unexpectedly alter course and turn south. Prior to the tun south, MH370 appeared to be following known way points, yet it suddenly turned south and flew in a straight line along no established route. This might explain both the presence of the bottle (again, only if it is from MH370) and account for the satellite pings. Just a thought . . .
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Old 27th Mar 2014, 00:00   #8337 (permalink)
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that bottle pictured is definitely NOT from a b777.
unless they have been shopping at home depot for hardware, lol.

this is a b777 engine fire bottle, cargo and apu bottles are similar
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Old 27th Mar 2014, 00:05   #8338 (permalink)
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In such a scenario at least the mounts or screws would've been damaged,with severed heads or broken metal between intact screws from mounting provisions/frame (like a jagged washer)..
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Old 27th Mar 2014, 00:26   #8339 (permalink)
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WRT the object, I'd think flat blade screws haven't been used in a while in an aviation application. (Could be wrong). If it is not a fire bottle, what is it?
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Old 27th Mar 2014, 00:34   #8340 (permalink)
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It may well be off an aircraft just not a 777 by the looks of it.

Another possibility is that it was part of a rocket stage that reentered the atmosphere or never fully left. You see a lot of pressure vessels make their way back down. I suppose their shape helps them to avoid being burnt to a cinder. I would say it looks a bit too clean for that though.

Looking at the images of the washed up object and the schematic my guess would be yes it's a fire bottle but no it isn't from a 777
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