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IBC Crash in Puerto Rico

Any update on that?
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Small plane crashes in Puerto Rico; 2 bodies found - World - NZ Herald News

Thats all
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As far as I know IBC use Metroliners and Saab 340s for their cargo operations.
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Crash: IBC SW4 at Arecibo on Dec 2nd 2013, impact with terrain
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The NTSB concluded they crew overstressed the aircraft when recovering from a loss of control. However the aircraft had neither CVR or FDR, nor was it required to (the CVR had been removed when converted for cargo use), hampering the investigation.

NTSB Report Summary

As the wings failed, the propellers simultaneously chopped through the fuselage behind the cockpit [and] the horizontal stabilizers...also failed upward.

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having visited the assembly plant i saw that the wing..yes one piece main spar until 5 ft from each tip with titanium spar cap is very strong, must have been one heck of a G load to break that!
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Definitely a dramatic manoeuvr to fail the wing.
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