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Old 27th Dec 2012, 20:23   #1 (permalink)
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Turkish Airlines off the runway at CDG

Story being reported on BFMTV as a news flash. First reports say no injuries.

Seems to have gone off the taxiway and got its left gear stuck while departing for Istanbul.

Société : Roissy : sortie de piste d'un avion des Turkish Airlines - BFMTV.com

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Oh dear, how Messi!
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How surprising!
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Old 27th Dec 2012, 20:53   #4 (permalink)
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Turkish Airlines off the runway at CDG
Departed taxiway, not runway, prior to takeoff.

Just because the tabloids refer to every bit of paved surface as "the runway" is no reason why we should.
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Maybe my memory playing tricks, but didn't this happen just a month or so ago ? (to Turkish @ CDG)
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I depart the runway every time I taxi from it onto the taxiway!
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Turkish off Runway in Paris

Senility beckons but I do resist
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perhaps we should comment when THY is able to remain on taxiways, not scare pax... & start reigning in the Majors in the B737 and the Colonels on the A340. How THY has not been black banned under EC2111/2005 remains a mystery. The continued failure of their SMS alone is sufficient basis of continued NC, as is the wonky state of the DGCA.

That said, it appears that inability to taxi is not limited to any one operator, SWA comes to mind...

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Maybe my memory playing tricks, but didn't this happen just a month or so ago ? (to Turkish @ CDG)
Similar incident involving Aurelia at BHX a couple of months ago.
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Oh dear, how Messi!
Don't worry, MANTHRUST; I got it.
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Old 28th Dec 2012, 07:41   #11 (permalink)
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---why am I not surprised ?
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Manthrust, very good :-)
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What a surprise! Does this happened to the "airline of the year"....Ohlala!
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Speed cameras might be the answer and a few points on your licence!
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Old 30th Dec 2012, 11:11   #15 (permalink)
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Back to the topic

Not the speed camera would help, just do the control check when you are stationary could do the job, then taxi straight and level.....
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Old 31st Dec 2012, 10:06   #16 (permalink)
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Me thinks no briefing, no monitoring and no understanding of taxi charts, even with arrows to give a clue. No trees.,dogs or Cows.
All is down to lack of attention to detail lack of understanding and most definitely lack of training AGAIN.
Answer get tug to runway get there safely and save fuel!
Turkish filosofy know where you have been, Tamam,don't worry about where you are going.
IYI UCUSLAR that will make all ok or maybe allow expat Pilots to fly together as its not allowed far tooooo safe.
Airline of the Rear, sorry year ha ha ha .
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Old 11th Jan 2013, 10:18   #17 (permalink)
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Thumbs down DGCA/THY double standards

Validations for ICAO/FAA license holders is no longer acceptable in Turkey, except if you happen to be a B777 Commander. Several pilots from ICAO/FAA member states served this nation over a period of 36 months with higher standards than local pilots, never involved in accidents or incidents to say the least.

As of last month ICAO/FAA license holders were terminated from employment last month without due notice, without being given sufficient time to convert to EASA standards or rather Turkish DGCA new rules, as Turkey is nothing but an ICAO state holder at present, flirting to be an EASA member in the future.

It is mind boggling how Turkish carriers will cope with pilot shortage by adopting this new rules from a governmental body such as the DGCA that has proven to be more xenophobic than THY pilot management itself. Notice that the head of the DGCA/DHMI is a member of the board of THY and has done nothing to stop the bleeding of much needed experience provided by foreign pilots who deserted their land to come to Turkey, and help with their expansion plans; We thought this was the initiative of the President & CEO of THY. We thought Turkish DGCA was about amalgamating pilots from ICAO/FAA and former JAA to enhance the needs of TC registered airlines.

But it is more disturbing, DGCA/THY double standard, in implementing this rule for some, and not all pilots affected. Would Kobe Bryant and/or Messi like the idea of modelling for an airline who brags to be "Globally Yours", but does not employ American pilots, named: U.S, Canadians, Brazilians, Argentinians? They are and were part of this dream THY has profited so much this last three years; Where is their loyalty to pilots who served in making this progress possible? Where is DGCA's policy a clear one, when they exempt some privileged group of pilots over other narrow body group of pilots?

ICAO/FAA pilots who served here for over two years should have been notified earlier at least for them to prepare for conversion of their licenses or to find a new horizon; Instead, they were terminated with insufficient notice affecting their status and normalcy.

This move is unethical, it would tarnish THY/DGCA reputation, they have betrayed the spirit of foreigners serving this part of the world with the highest standards of safety.

Perhaps it is time to publish this thoughts in American media itself, and or FAA & European EASA member states, in the same manner defunct Danish pilots did when they undisclosed that Turkish pilots were NOT level 4 as required by ICAO/FAA or EASA for that effect. THY & Turkish DGCA implemented mandatory English testing to pilots thereafter and remedy has not been found yet.
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Old 12th Jan 2013, 17:46   #18 (permalink)
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17 B737 Tailsrikes in one month, all by Capt's, Tkish of course, so they have enforced limitations on F/O's ! Maybe don't let the Capt yank the pole like an F 104.
Otto Amsterdam 2 soon.already had Helios 2, almost.
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Re opening post:

Seems to have gone off the taxiway...
So why do you write off the runway in the title then?
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Originally Posted by Ottoforce
had Helios 2, almost.
How close was it??? Can we assume the same airline as the rest of this thread?
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