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See and avoid
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Plane overshoots runway in Congo

Plane misses runway in east Congo, landing in lava

By PATRICE CITERA, Associated Press Writer Patrice Citera, Associated Press Writer 56 mins ago

KINSHASA, Congo A U.N.-run radio station says a passenger plane overshot a runway in eastern Congo and landed in lava, injuring 20 people.

Radio Okapi said the plane was flying from Kinshasa to Goma on Thursday and passengers had warned the crew that there were heavy clouds. One passenger told the station that the plane had landed in lava near Goma's airport.

An official from the U.N. mission in Congo, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he does not have permission to speak with media, said there were 117 passengers aboard.

They included the governor of North Kivu province, who was not hurt.

In April 2008, a DC-9 crashed while failing to lift off from Goma's airport leaving at least 40 people dead. A 2002 volcanic eruption sent lava oozing onto Goma's runway.
Catchy headline!
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"and passengers had warned the crew that there were heavy clouds"

Isn't that a priceless piece of journalism?
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and passengers had warned the crew that there were heavy clouds
love that one !!
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German Spiegel reports it's a MD-80 of CAA, African Company.

How long is the runway at Goma?
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Mount Nyiragongo is an active volcano not far from the Goma airport and the shores of Lake Kivu. That volcano has a long history of lava flows, often reeking havoc on the local population and their fields. The runway at Goma (FZNA) 18/36 is listed as 1,995 meters 6,545 feet long. Some time ago a lava flow took out the northern 1/3 or so of the runway. It has long cooled and solidified. The silly headline makes it sound like the plane ended up in a pool of molten lava, pure rubbish, as is most of the other statements.
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9Q-CAB ex AA MD-82..

Photos in the news section here:
J.A.C.D.E.C. - Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre
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Over-run looks a bit bumpy----reasons?

(It should have been cleared...plenty of loco labour in Congo to remove the rocks...money probably spent on "better" things...)
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Old 19th Nov 2009, 18:53   #9 (permalink)
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It's the Congolese version of EMAS, Erupted Material Arresting System.


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That'll be back flying next week....
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At least the buckets were open
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Is that the new african Engineered Material Arresting System ?

(check out pic #2)
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Seems everyone is going green: African EMAS: Environmental Material Arresting System.

Besides, it worked as designed, did it not??
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Old 20th Nov 2009, 16:39   #14 (permalink)
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Any landing you can walk away from is a good one!
Nice to see one of the slides worked OK.
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S-N,I`ll bet you would not have used it if you`d seen the rocks at the bottom!!
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Looks like they were lucky that there was no post-impact fire.
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I was trying to post pictures of a plane that needed mass repairs prior to getting airborne again but I don't get the "manage attachment" opportunity. Is that because I haven't posted enough? Anyone know?
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Google Earth imagery showing the northern end of the airport which was cutoff / isolated ever since the eruption.

Last edited by iflytb20; 23rd Nov 2009 at 18:16. Reason: resized the picture
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Pic too big, Flaps will come down on you like a sack of hammers falling from a great height.

800x600 max
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Looks like that will buff right out.....be back flying next week
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