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(Aviation Organophoshate Information Site)
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Cinema dates for Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines

The UK cinema release of the film by former British Airways Captain Tristan Loraine.... 'Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines', starts this Sunday 9 March 2008 in London at 1pm, http://www.richmix.org.uk/cinema.htm followed by other selected UK cinemas.

For further venues and details please visit: http://www.welcomeaboardtoxicairlines.com

We saw a preview of the film last December in Sydney and its really fantastic

Film reviews to date:

'A ground-breaking documentary that raises serious questions about the air that passengers breathe.'
The Daily Telegraph

'This is one of the most important whistleblower films to date - powerful and emotional.'
Holiday Travel Watch

'A hard hitting documentary.'
Private Eye

'A deadly corporate cover-up forensically exposed.'
The Ecologist

'A tremendous piece of investigative journalism.'
Sunday Mirror

'...an inspiration to documentary filmmakers everywhere... the film is thoroughly researched and the evidence is overwhelmingly persuasive.'
DFG Docs

'Hard-hitting Michael Moore-style.'
County Times

'Highly commended, very good documentary.'
Foyle Film Festival

'An amazing piece of investigative journalism. A tremendous documentary.'
International Film Festival of the Environment, Paris

For more information on this issue visit:


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After reading his fantasic book, Toxic Airlines, can't wait to see the film !

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Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines

It's about time this scandal came to the public's attention. Well done to the filmmaker. A mate of mine who works for one of the major airlines said this is a hidden issue the crews are too terrified to talk about but know it's happening big time.

Liked the piece in the Daily Telegraph the other week.
We pay you way & fill those seats and you need to start listening to us no matter what the Government is saying. We are watching this space.

I can't get to the screening tomorrow, but am sure plenty will be watching. Well done for caring for us- Just the fare paying passenger!!
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2,500 members out of a global flightcrew population of how many hundreds of thousands?

A research paper (Escobar JI, Gara M, Waitzkin H, Silver RC, Holman A, Compton W (1998)) suggests that hypochondria affects 3% of the population.

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yes, there is a condition called monosymptomatic hypochondriacal delusional disorder; however, as a medical doctor, I can vouch for the adverse affects that chronic exposure to organophosphates have on cognitive function.
We should applaud the author of this book for bringing to light something that the public has a right to know. After reading his book, I hope to meet the author oneday. Thanks for revealing this health concern that already does, and will continue to cost the NHS 100's of 1000' of Pounds!

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Maybe they do have an affect, but TOCP has a very low vapour pressure and a boiling temp far in exceedance of the average bleed air - so how does it get there? In addition to this it only makes up 10-15 percent of the oil so what would you quantify chronic exposure as? The CoT couldn't even decide on what quantities would be needed, both long and short-term exposure.

I love playing devil's advocate
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(Aviation Organophoshate Information Site)
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Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines - Oxford 16 March

Many of our members have asked us to post the following:

Feature documentary: Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines
Oxford: Phoenix Picturehouse Cinema Sunday 16 March 2008 - 1.30pm


A very Modern Scandal:
Is this the biggest scandal in airline history? Are airlines having to face up to their own 'asbestos-style' crisis or is this an 'Erin Brockovich of the skies'? For almost 50 years passengers and crews have been supplied with unfiltered air to breathe, taken directly from the aircraft engines, even though this air has long been known to be contaminated with neurotoxins, carcinogens and other hazardous chemicals.

With unique access to the aviation industry, Tristan Loraine, filmmaker and former airline captain, reveals for the first time the serious consequences this exposure has had on flight safety, and passenger and crew health, including his own.
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A Smelly business.

It would be interesting if some people with specialist knowledge could post here, as the establishment seems to be in denial. If they're right it would be good to hear it confirmed from those with no axes to grind.

I know of rather too many people who've quite clearly been affected by life on 146s/757 for it to be a coincidence in my view. At the moment I'm inclined to lean on my granny's principle of, "No smoke without fire."
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