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EC145 PFD Barometer Unit Change?

Hey guys,

We're just curious to know if there's an easy way to change the barometric units on an EC145 (BK117C2) between inches of mercury and hectopascals?

Just to make life easier for over border flights?

Thanks a mil!
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Surely any ATC unit worth their salt would just give you the pressures in whichever you asked for.
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European helicopter - works with metric values
but they are so kind, to provide you with :
1.) Standard Atmosphare Table (1-13) which shows hPa and in.Hg
2.) Conversion Chart
3.) numbers: 1 hPa (mbar) = 0,02953 in.Hg // 1 in.Hg = 33,865 hPa (mbar)

;.-) ;-) ;-)
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Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah, we can just use the conversion chart.

We have a machine from the US, but it's PFD is in inches of mercury.
I know a lot of aircraft have a little toggle switch to select the units. Was just wondering if there's something similar in this one.

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Hi Abri Beluga,

You need to change the unit system in the VEMD Configuration Page.

This process is described in the FLM Section 7. The process is the same for all CPDS aircraft and in the EC135T3 it's section 7.12.

The process involves selecting switches in a set order, the FLM describes it best.

Any problems, let me know and I can send you the section from the FLM.

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Old 10th Jan 2017, 16:21   #6 (permalink)
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Have you actually tried this or read the manual closely?

You cannot change the PFD sub scale from the CPDS Config page.

Software change in the FCDS only -

If the configuration file needs to be written it is expensive. That depends on your avionic install config and whether it has previously been coded with the scale type required.

Easiest fix - replace the 2" STBY ALT with a dual sub-scale one.
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Doesn't the aircraft have a standby altimeter, which normally has both Inches and hPa on it?
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