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Originally Posted by Heathcliff View Post
Big companies have huge amounts of applications to plough through, especially at a time when jovs are scarce. Do you really expect the Chief Pilot, etc. to talk to every single person who applies and explain why they weren't successful? Because if he/she does it to you, they'll then have to do it for everyone else and that will never end!

It isn't just the way with big companies either; it's pretty standard for recruitment as a whole, unfortunately. I've been on the receiving end of it myself.

Might be so, but that's where database management and common courtesy comes in.

Most companies don't even send you an automated reply to say thank you for your application.

personally I think HR is short for cant be arsed and its ok to be rude to people.

I would like to think that the standards in how we treat each other are different than those at the local argos ( I seem to recall that they actually do bother returning to applicants with a reply. )
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I absolutely agree with you, but sadly as more companies go corporate the less they care about individuals.
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Dear Moderator.....

...please open a new thread called - "Rotary Jobs 2017 - (Not for posting CVs) - moans, gripes and bitching"

logged in to secure my dream job and I had to wade through this tripe!

Joking aside, lets at least keep this one thread succinct and relevant - oh bu55er, I'm now part of the problem!!
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Wanted Grade 2 Instructor - Sunshine Coast Qld

Hi all,

A Grade 2 Instructor vacancy has been published to help relaunch Chopperline Flight Training.


Great place if you like surfing and white beaches.
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heli pilot protection, pilot jobs

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