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Have to agree with SuperF, he's right on the money.
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Originally Posted by Fordy.mat View Post
Discredits the CAA. Doesn't discredit Phil Kemp though.
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Thanks for the links to the video regarding your certification and engineering qualification activities, you have certainly started with the right approach toward Repetitive Heavy Lift operations. I wondered if Rolls-Royce had applied the same criteria and life reductions to the Gnome as the CT58 utilized in these type of Operations? I am also very impressed that an OEM actually got involved in sanctioning this type of operation, as most every other one disappears as fast as possible if Logging or RHL is mentioned, unless from risk mitigation when things aren't going right. Did they strain gauge the aircraft in operation, or purely a system evaluation and assessment?

A lot of the comments on here regarding the suitability of the Wessex for this type of operation are made by people with absolutely no idea about operating helicopters in this type of operational environment, and the accelerated wear and damage propagation that can occur. Helicopter Logging is not an unsafe operation, but is an extremely unforgiving environment for all the systems in the machine - the kind of issues that will surface in any fleet in a lifetime measured in decades, may appear in the first year. As a result of the accelerated wear on the systems, it is crucial that increased detailed inspections on all the known weak points are incorporated into the Inspection and Overhaul schedules, but lots of new ones will appear. It can be very challenging to provide adequate maintenance oversight in a cycle of troubleshooting, repair and part replacement. I have no insight into the financial side of the operation, but with a good purchase price and the size of the parts package, maybe all of this will come together, although I see the rates as being much lower than I am used to from my experience of production logging operations.

As I stated in my initial comment, the only way to prove the concept is to go and work the ship and see how it goes. The trial portion allows you to see the functionality and capability of the aircraft, the evaluation and the incorporation of risk reduction elements to the airframe and systems, and the final proof is putting the hours on it and seeing if it all works.

I stand by my judgement of this type and operation based on my personal experience, but wish you every success in getting it going. Maybe I'm just too old for all that hard work! Stay safe and good luck.
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Good luck 'Fordy'!

You don't know me but I admire your tenacity and drive.
Hell, you've come this far.........
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