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Flight Suit

OK recently I received a job as a professional helicopter pilot. I never wore a flight suit before but now its required. I purchased one and it was definitely a little baggy, I reordered another one and everything fit perfect with the exception of the grion/crotch area. Now i'm completely new to all this is it normal for it to be a snug fit. If i stand up its no problem, but if i lift my hands above my head it gets "tight" as well as when i sit. Not to an uncomfortable level but just get tight not sure if that is normal. I'm more worried if i'm on a long flight and theres no adjustment because its just all one piece of garment. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. (The first suit I purchased was one size larger than the other one) So me going up one size from this one definitely looks baggy especially from waist down. Thanks!!!!
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Standard suits are fairly guaranteed to nearly but not quite fit everybody. Although understanding the sizing helps, as they're sized by both height and bulk.

People who "live" in a suit often get tailored ones, but that can be a very expensive hobby - typically about US$600 for a tailored nomex suit, compared to around a third of that for an off the peg suit.

I'm lucky, I take a standard RAF size 5.
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Thanks for the insight...I think im just going to deal with the suit i have and buy a custom one soon. The first one i have which is baggy looks pretty funny on me might see if a tailor can alter it to fit better
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Go for the slightly baggy one, comfort over looks every time. Nothing worse than seeing someone in a suit that gives a wedgie every time they reach up........
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Go for the slightly baggy one, comfort over looks every time
Unless you are a Blue Angel.
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What's more important to you? Looks or comfort?
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Make sure you get it long enough in the crutch, then add a bit extra. My old suit is ok, as long as I lean a bit to the left when I reach up full stretch overhead. I needn't explain why.
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