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epaulettes - just wondering!

I know that first officer is 3, captian 4 stripes... but are there 1 and two stripes.... e.g does a PPl quilify for a stripe!!! thanks
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Yes you can wear one stripe as long as its pink and covered in glitter
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Don't know about PPL's...however, I do recall sitting on ground at DXB years ago in a B707 freighter, with a flight delay (late cargo) and the First Officer, now getting rather hot in the mid-summer heat, wanting to strip down to his underwear.
He did so,whereupon, I took a photo.
I signed on the back...best landing I've ever seen, and presented it to him some two weeks later.

Not needed for folks that truly know how to fly...and young F/O Tay was the best of the best.
He could roll the 'ole B707 on every time.
A superb pilot...speaks volumes of the SQ training, at the time.
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Old 9th Jun 2008, 19:11   #4 (permalink)
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1 Stripe = Cadet
2 Stripes = FO
3 Stripes = Senior FO
4 Stripes = Captain
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Don't beat about the bush with one, two, or three.

Show them you mean business, wear 5 stripes with pride.
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Flight International once had a cover story about women's progress in flying the big stuff. Cover picture was of world's first 747 skipper of that gender.

The article headline was Four Bars and Female.
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Old 9th Jun 2008, 22:09   #7 (permalink)
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1 Stripe = Cadet
I stripe is usually Second Officer (ie cruise pilot. Only ever in the seat during S & L with the autopilot engaged).

Otherwise correct.
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Old 10th Jun 2008, 23:33   #8 (permalink)
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The meaning of 1 and 2 stripes is quite variable depending on the airline. Hell - in some of the asian outfits, even the stewards get a stripe!

At Qantas 1 stripe = second officer under training, 2 stripes = second officer (cruise pilot).
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Old 11th Jun 2008, 00:06   #9 (permalink)
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Well I'm a First Officer and I wear 2, but women tend to like any really!!
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Its all up the spout apart from 4 bars means Captain.

The ones that are completely company issue and depends on the bosses view on the bars. One company I worked for issued 3 bars to the FO's purely becuse BA only gives thier's 2 mucky silver things. He thought 3 gold made the uniform look better than there's. All nonsense in the grand scale of things
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Old 11th Jun 2008, 02:04   #11 (permalink)
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My Airline:

4: Captain
3: First Officer.
2: Junior First Officer
1: Second Officer

We don't do augmented crew flights, so the SOs and JFOs are 'full' pilots in their own right. It's more a pay / administration / seniority thing.

Cathay pacific have 2 1/2 bard for FOs who are not cruise command qualified. Sounds daft, but it's to show that there is someone who can take over during the commander's rest period after an aircraft had to divert after it transpired that no FO could take over once they were airborne.

A management pilot in one airline I worked for seriously suggested that managers should wear 5 bars. He didn't take much banter for that!
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Old 11th Jun 2008, 04:29   #12 (permalink)
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We wear these:

And these:

Cool huh?
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Old 11th Jun 2008, 20:34   #13 (permalink)
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Kenny Everit FTW!

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Old 11th Jun 2008, 20:40   #14 (permalink)
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Penny 89 are you for real ?
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Old 11th Jun 2008, 23:22   #15 (permalink)
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Penny 89:

You can have gold braid up to your armpit if you wish!
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Old 12th Jun 2008, 06:54   #16 (permalink)
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Stripes for Engineers

At Oz at the big 'roo, so you know what level of engineer is on your aircraft;
just purple stripes = AME
1 gold stripe = LAME
2 gold stripes = Senior LAME (multi-licenced & experienced)
3 gold stripes = Maintenance Supervisor = probable problems
4 gold stripes = Duty Maintenance Manager = definite problems
no stripes = laundry stuff up or alternative work force person

1st post be gentle
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Old 12th Jun 2008, 17:57   #17 (permalink)

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Our Captains wear four stripes, and First Officers and Flight Engineers wear three. We don't have second officers, though a few retired captains working in the FE seat refer to themselves that way anyway.

Our mechanics wear two gold bars and a red bar, on a standard flight crew uniform.

When we're enroute, the shirts come off and go on a hangar, and for me it's usually a tee shirt. Then back into the clown suit when we arrive at the destination.

I've seen a few guys who are proud enough of their epaulettes that they buy a second set to wear on their leather uniform jacket. Most of us agree that's a ridiculous thing...but to each his own, I suppose. Most of us don't wear the company issued wings, either. Just a little too much glitz.
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on commercial flights [part 91] in FAR 23 small planes I wear a white 'pilot' shirt--open -- with Three epaulets and little silver wings--and shorts or jeans and sneakers--just for pychological reassurance--they feel less jittery especially if the O2 masks have to/should be out [yes, I brief them on the ground about O2 and all other safety issues]

in case you're wondering why part 91 ops--well-I jus' like being a pilot...period

Not an ego thing just don't like to scare the ground people---


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Old 14th Jun 2008, 19:59   #19 (permalink)
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RE: PPL--yes, if you want wear five---cuz to no eres marinero---tu eres CapitAn, CapitAn,CapitAn,---

Some PPls are true to life aviators--I don't discount them either

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Old 17th Jun 2008, 12:26   #20 (permalink)
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In my outfit, F/O = 3 stripes, Captain = 4 stripes. Period. We don't have Second Officers, Junior F/Os or Senior F/Os or any of that rubbish! We are either F/Os or Captains. Then again, as freight dogs we're not into the class society!

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