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Question Converting my ICAO frozen ATPL to UK EASA ATPL unrestricted

Dear All,

I would like to ask about what it takes to convert my non-UK ICAO frozen ATPL to UK EASA ATPL unrestricted.

I've been through the UK CAA website but it needs an attorney to understand the hidden lines.

I've a total flying time of 1230 hrs on powered-fixed wings aircrafts "including" 1012 hrs on A-320 and I hold ICAO frozen ATPL.

Now, I can see the requirements are 1500 "total" flying hrs.

I need a ground school/distance learning from an ATO to be able to apply for the theoretical exams but I heard that that ground school can be waived if I've 1500 hrs but the question is: Is it a must to have all the 1500 hrs on a Multi-crew aircraft or just a total flying time?


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You need 1500 hrs total flying time. Ground school can be waived if you have an unrestricted ATPL.

ATPL conversions (Aircraft and Helicopter) | Bristol Ground School

All your answers found at the above link.
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Sounds like you have a CPL, not an ATPL so you won't be converting to an EASA ATPL. You'll be converting to an EASA CPL.
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To convert to an EASA ATPL you must have:

ICAO ATPL (NOT Frozen) with current Type Rating.

EASA Class 1 Medical (Issued by country you want to issue your licence).

Passes in ALL 14 ATPL theory exams (Yes, you are exempt approved training course if you hold an ICAO ATPL).

1,500 hrs Total Time, of which:
500 Hours Multi Crew
500 Hours PICUS (or 250 Hours PIC / 250 Hours PICUS)
200 Hours Cross Country (100 Hours PIC/PICUS)
75 Hours Instrument Flight Time (NOT only IFR - 4 Hours IFR = 1 Hour Instrument Flight no longer applies)
100 Hours Night

You must then pass an ATPL Skills Test on the aircraft/sim currently held in your ICAO ATPL. If you want a different Type Rating you must also provide evidence of having succesfully completed a TR Course on that aircraft type at an approved TRTO.

I think that covers it - apologies if I've missed anything but it's home time and I have a long drive ahead of me!!!

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Dear Sir

I am currently hold a Kuwaity ATPL and its full unrestrected with 1230 hr PIC time and total of 6000hr ,I wish to onvert my licance o EASA ATPL on A320 to get a chance to fly in turkey can you advice me on the best course of action
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Bumping this thread so to not make another one unnecessarily and for current information and input.

I Find myself in a slightly different situation and would appreciate any updated and current feedback.

Doing some research I found that there is/was another easier way to acquire an EASA ATP. Under LASORS G1.5 note 2 (page 319 on LASORS) if you have over 3000 TT under Public air transport (>30,000kgs) of which 1500 as PIC you qualify for reduced requirements. Completing the assessment form SRG1103 and 1187 (for payment) as well as only having to do HPL and Air Law exams.

This would give you the License with the Limitation stating.

Valid for UK Reg aircraft only.

Note 2 starts off saying that it will not be available after the 8th of April 2011.

And also to note the LASORS I referenced was dated 2010.

Can anyone please shed some fresh light on the matter?

Much Appreciated

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Lasor's isn't valid any more you need to look at CAP814.

The method you described disappeared with transfer to EASA last year.
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Thanks mad_jock

I started off searching on the EASA FAQ section and seems I went on a wild goose chase.
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Essentially, if you have all the requirements for a full EASA ATPL including a type rating on a multi-pilot aircraft AND hold a current and valid ICAO ATPL you are exempt approved training for the theory but still need to pass all 14 exams.

If you fall short of the full requirements it then follows you are going to have an EASA CPL issued, not an ATPL. The CAA say that exemption from full approval in this situation is on a case by case basis, each case to be submitted to the CAA by the FTO.
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Thank You

Thank you Alex,

I have been contemplating the conversion ever since I completed my CPL in 2003. Mostly because I have a British passport and would like to move there one day and join up with my family.

I am flying a part 121 operation in South Africa and meet those hour requirements. So it seems the 14 subjects still have to be tackled. I will present my case to the CAA and see what the outcome is.

Thanks again.
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I would be suprised if you even get an answer from them
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