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Old 14th Jan 2011, 20:52   #1 (permalink)
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CTC Takeoff

Does anyone have any experience of training on CTC's modular offering, either UK or NZ?
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Old 15th Jan 2011, 01:52   #2 (permalink)
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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.
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That is a rather unhelpful and pointless post. CTC wings cadets is a completely seperate thing altogether...
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Old 15th Jan 2011, 15:39   #4 (permalink)
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CTC Takeoff

I did the IR with them in Bournemouth recently....absolutely 1st class outstanding training and customer care.
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Old 16th Jan 2011, 01:45   #5 (permalink)
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That is a rather unhelpful and pointless post. CTC wings cadets is a completely seperate thing altogether...
My bad....
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Old 16th Jan 2011, 02:23   #6 (permalink)
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Hi Mad

Looking to do my IR with them.

How much of your hard earned did they pocket?

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Old 29th Jan 2011, 18:06   #7 (permalink)
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I'm looking into starting a modular course late spring of this year and currently looking at all the different schools etc so would be grateful if anyone else could share their experiences of this scheme. I know it's only fairly new so suppose not many people may have gone through the modules.

Also, I couldnt find anywhere on the website that mentioned prices for ATPL Theory, do they provide this for modular students does anyone know?

CTC TAKEOFF - modular training
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Old 21st Jan 2012, 17:06   #8 (permalink)
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ATPL theory

If you with Bristol Gs you will get 500 off the Modular CPL/IR/ME at CTC. Bristol gs you wont go wrong with
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Old 22nd Jan 2012, 18:40   #9 (permalink)
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I completed my CPL/ME/IR with them on the TakeOff scheme. Absolutely first class tuition. You do NOT get treated ANY differently from the integrated guys. And there is no preference to them either. I had the whole lot completed within 3 months with first series passes. If you'd like any more info pm me.
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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 12:22   #10 (permalink)
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At my age, my only choice is modular; preferably modular that may get me a job! The (part) sponsored schemes have a better promise of work at the end, but it means taking 18 months out, which I cannot do.

So I've been looking at CTC Takeoff and OAA Weypoint as the next best alternatives.

What I didn't get is that for less money, you get the same bits of paper and opportunity as the integrated route. Now it's reassuring that people on here have had positive experiences in their modular training at CTC, but something has to give for this to make economic sense. Maybe the below quotes from the CTC web site may explain:

The CTC Wings ATP database augments the CTC Wings Cadet hold pool. Pilots on the CTC Wings ATP database will be called up for type ratings when we do not have enough cadets ready and available for type rating.
i.e. You'll get trained well, treated well, but be at the back of the queue in cadet hold pool (if you qualify).

Has anybody on here completed the Takeoff course and been selected for TR via the cadet pool?

Many thanks
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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 14:26   #11 (permalink)
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Sounds good NovemberRomeo, I would be interested in knowing more about the CTC Takeoff Scheme if you have time.. Did you do your CPL in NZ or UK? Do you plan on doing the ATP/AQC or FI(R)?

By the looks of it CTC Wings Cadets are top of the holding pool and will be selected first; but do those who have gone through the Take Off modular scheme with CTC get a higher priority than applicants that have done their CPL/IR elsewhere? Or is it a level playing field if your modular? Is there anyone out there that has done Take Off and the AQC?

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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 14:52   #12 (permalink)
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I did all my training in the UK. My understanding is that it is a level playing field once you are in the holding pool with the other modular students. I didn't go down the AQC route. I chose to do the MCC/JOC elsewhere and a FI rating instead.
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Old 24th Jan 2012, 19:44   #13 (permalink)
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Highly recommend them.
I finished the CPL/ IR end of September 2011. All the instructors we're top class as well as the facilties. I had a couple of issues with the length it took to get the CPL (3 students to 1 instructor, with the instructors only allowed to fly 2 sorties a day). It took 9 weeks in total (including 2 days for a Partial retake of the skills test).
The IR took 6 weeks from start to IR skills test. I had 2 excellent instructors and miss it immensely.
The CPL cost me around 8K (excluding test/ aircraft hire for the test) and 13K for IR (excluding test/ aircraft hire for the test).
I did a shortened CPL/IR as I already held a MEP rating and completed in min hours (bar the partial retake of the CPL).
I opted to go elsewhere for the MCC/JOC and happy I didn't do the AQC.

Good luck
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Old 26th Jan 2012, 09:07   #14 (permalink)
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Why are you happy that you didn't do the AQC?
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Old 28th Jan 2012, 23:56   #15 (permalink)
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Well I can echo Shuttle 3's views (in fact, we were on the same course!). Excellent training and a great bunch of people. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

In fairness, when a couple of issues did arise, they worked to sort them out quickly for us. Like every organisation, not everything goes to plan all the time, but the impression I got was that they always did their best to fix it when it didn't. As far as I'm concerned, that's always the best test of any business

WX man:

I think he was happy he didn't do the AQC course as, considering the number of people in the pool and the length of time they've been there, it is perhaps not the magic solution that some people think(/hope) it is. From what I hear though, the course itself is very good. In reality though, it is just that: a course. Anything that may come from it through the hold pool etc should be viewed as a bonus and not relied upon IMHO. At the end of the day, it comes down to individual choice as to whether one believes it to be a worthwhile investment...
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Old 29th Jan 2012, 10:47   #16 (permalink)
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as you have inside experience,could you please explain how ctc's holding pool works for takeoff cadets?
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Old 21st Jun 2012, 17:20   #17 (permalink)
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Could someone who has been through the takeoff programme give me a shout.

I am looking to gain a better understanding of the AQC and the potential for placement with an airline after training.
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Old 21st Jun 2012, 23:40   #18 (permalink)
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Is there something wrong with the MCC/JOC training during the AQC? Or just the fact recruitment isn't as rapid post completion as hoped for?
Old 22nd Jun 2012, 10:07   #19 (permalink)
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I was looking at the AQC course at CTC based entirely on the fact that it seems to give a better opportunity of being placed with an airline post-training.

I have no evidence to actually back this up, and of course CTC would tell you this, but I know that you can do a CPL/ME/IR cheaper at the likes of Stapleford or BGS and certainly the MCC/JOC courses are cheaper than the AQC. However, as far as I can see the extra money invested in CTC is purely down to the (supposedly) better opportunity it provides post-training.

Happy to be corrected, of course, but as far as I can see it is the only reason they would cost more than elsewhere, given that I'm led to believe the standard at the likes of Stapleford and BGS is also very high.
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Old 22nd Jun 2012, 21:06   #20 (permalink)
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Are takeoff students who complete the AQC getting a look in with EZY or is it still early days with the programme?
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